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  1. Hello pgirl, glad you seem to have been able to move past the hurt and started the healing process. You have friends here too. If you ever need to chat, im here for you.
  2. Hey everyone, i am by no means an expert on the subject, but I am about to be 2 yrs HSV2 positive and think I can be a sounding board to anyone that needs it. I haven't been too active on here since I first got this, but I think I should be, not only to help others but because I also still have the need to have people in my same boat in my life. I only disclose to potential sexual partners because those are the only relevant people that need to know. I haven't told anyone else other than one of my friends just because i needed to get it out of my system, but I think it would be good for me (an
  3. Good message ChanelChanel, that is just what I did. I don't think enough of us are just getting in touch with people in private maybe? Hopefully we all get lots of buddies to help each other :)
  4. Hey everyone, I am also new to H, was just given the "news" in Sep. This website has actually helped me a lot but it would be so great to have someone to talk to either online or in person, female or male, local or not, doesn't matter. Im is the LA area. Have a great Holiday season! Jesica :)
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