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  1. I was just curious if any woman who’s been diagnosed has experienced vaginal tearing with every sexual encounter since? I was diagnosed 3 maybe 4 years ago with ghsv1 and didn’t have sex again until my most recent relationship. Every single time we have sex I, even with absurd amounts of lubircation, I tear. I was googling and stumbled upon people mentioning h could be the cause and I was curious if anybody else had some insight. It’s def not an outbreak, it’s always just one single tear.
  2. I am I take Valtrex daily. It's just so scary I'd hate to pass it to him genitally.
  3. I was on this site when I first got diagnosed and got overwhelmed and left for a while. I've had ghsv1 for two years now and am finally in a relationship I've disclosed and feel comfortable being intimate with. He has oral HsV 1 so I know the chances of me transmitting to him are low. But I'm curious how long prodromes can last. I've had them for two weeks and a big part of me thinks it's probably just anxiety at being intimate in so long and another part of me is afraid they're actual prodromes what the likelihood of them lasting this long if I've had it for two years
  4. Hi! I've met an amazing man, somebody I could see working out. I've got GHSV1 and he's been HSV2 positive for almost a decade. I know that shedding with HSV2 goes down significantly over the years, with medication and that time that's passed as well as the fact that I've got some antibodies chances are slim of either of us passing to another correct? It's def worth the risk I'm just curious as to what kind of risk I'm looking at, anybody who could help I'd appreciate it
  5. I have a couple questions are prodomes and nerve damage the same thing? I'm fairly certain I get nerve damage pains, they're short quick bursts of pain then they go away. They're not always there, but they've been very active lately. Is this a prodome? I would assume it is and if so how long do people tend to wait after experiencing those to be sexually active again? I'm taking 1000mg of valtrex daily, would upping that make the prodomes fade? Any advice would be appreciated. This website has really become my saving grace.
  6. how do you move on and stop being scared of sex if somebody is willing to be with you? I'm seeing somebody who has oral hsv1 and I have ghsv1 so I know that it doesn't shed as frequently and being on suppression therapy chances are like 1% chance I'll spread it to him over the time span of the year, but how do you get over thinking every little thing from an ingrown hair to an itch is a prodome? I just obsess about every little thing and I fear this will ruin my sex life more then the actual virus will.
  7. Thank you so much for the response! It's all just so much to process
  8. I'm having a hard time finding info but what are the chances of passing ghsv1 as a woman to a man who has oral hsv1, the chances are pretty low correct? Especially if doing suppressive therapy? Thanks, sorry for all the questions regarding stats I'm just still new and dealing.
  9. I've only have the one. And it oddly came after my blood test. My blood test was November and my outbreak was like two weeks ago. Stress of travel I think caused it. I haven't noticed any redness or anything odd other than the one outbreak which was pretty obvious. I know now what to expect at least and every ingrown hair doesn't panic me, but any itch or slight tingle I turn into prodromes but I'm so new to this that I could just be doing it to myself. I'm probably no help at all lol. I think it's probably just nerves for both of us but what do I know
  10. Now that I know I have gHSV1 I swear everything is a prodrome, which I've come to understand means I'm virally shedding, so my question is how long after you stop feeling prodromes is usually a good idea to be sexually active again. This is all hypothetically speaking I just want to know as much as I can right now. Also probably important to note that I'm on valtrex daily suppressive
  11. I got a blood test done about 5 months ago and came up positive for HSV 1, but had never had an outbreak and didn't know where it was. Within those five months I began talking to this amazing man, that I've grown quite fond of. A couple of weeks ago I had a work trip coming up and the next thing I know I have itchy bumps, I break down immediately I know what it is. I guess I'd spent the passed couple of months assuming it was oral. I got the test results from the swab back two days ago. I'm terrified of telling him. I'd like some verification on some stats if anybody can help me out, before I disclose. I've been taking daily valtrex as suppressive therapy I know that this with condoms brings me down to a 1% chance of passing it to him over a year. However, does that statistic lessen if he's ever had an oral cold sore before? Also any advice on disclosing and any helpful stats that you used in your talk would be great, I've been crying just thinking about it.
  12. i got tested for H, I saw the results it was the Igg. Thanks for the estimate of what I'm most likely looking at that's def helpful. i appreciate the words of advice.
  13. no, and i'm a hypochondriac for sure, which is probably not helping this. i have had quite frankly no symptoms orally or genitally and i know that last year i was negative for both hsv 1 and hsv 2, i get tested yearly for a full panel (i now some what regret this ha!). so it's def a new development but i haven't noticed anything, no sores, cuts, itchiness anything. thanks for the info, i'll look into western heights i'm just a bit concerned as to the cost.
  14. it was like a 2.6. i just don't know how to proceed it just seems so stressful to have to tell somebody i MAY have it genitally without even knowing myself.
  15. You're probably right. but I mean like what about even kissing you risk passing it that way to should you disclose before you even get to that point? i'm just so unclear on how I should proceed.
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