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  1. Thanks guys I appreciate everything : ) it's amazing how words them self have help and meaning. : )
  2. I haven't been on here In a long time. But I contracted HSV2 last February and although I understand its okay and it's not a big deal it has taken a huge tole on my life. I told my cousin whom was my best friend. Needed support and I knew she would give it to me. But she made it out to me as if I was horrible person and its completely my fault. And it wasn't and she knew that. I haven't always been careful but the way I got it was bad in its self. Cheating boyfriend ... Left me with a wonderful present lol... Oh my any ways, I lived in a town of no more then 12,000 so every age group knew everyone kinda thing. And my cousin told people about me, cause she "had to talk" to someone about it... Baloney, talk to me? And lots and lots found out and I got harassed and talked about all the time like i was a walking disease. So it felt. I got very depressed.. Get teared up thinking about it. Very depressed but not so much over the disease but everything that happened to me over it. I eventually decided to move to where my dad lives. Fresh start... But after a year I find my self very lonely and very secretive... And I met someone that I want to get to know and him me to. But I'm so scared to tell someone I care about when my own blood deceived me. I used to be so bubbly so happy and so full of life and I have lost my self. I don't find my self depressed any more got some help for that part, but I'm lonely I have bad trust issues and Im so scared... Please lend me some advice. . . . : )
  3. Wow... That's really inspirational to me .... Thank u
  4. Hey guys :) I just joined and I recently finally let go of my anger and finally stopped blaming the whole world on my issues in life, and just letting to of that blame to myself and others has let up such a huge burden that was weighing on my shoulders. "You have to stop blaming the whole world on your mistakes and your problems, only then will u see the truth." And with that being said, I would LOVE and "h" buddy :) so we can help one another out on staying positive and learning that its not a disease, it's just a new-chapter that life took us to, and probably for a good reason. I'm a firm believer that everything happens for a reason, and I sincerely can't wait to hear other people's voices, cuz I'm clearly tired of my own :)
  5. I found out I had herpes one year ago feb 14 .. Yes valentines day hahaha... Not my idea of romance ;) but I'm just now accepting it, and now I just want to learn everything about it. So everyone give me ur own pros and cons: what's good about it and what sneaks up and just stinks about. Help me learn :) Kasi- trying to learn and accept and well on my way (:
  6. I'm new too this website and have so far just been cruising around it and checking things out but honestly I'm so excited to actually see how many people feel the same way I do. As of right now I live In a small town and since I've gotten herpes I haven't been to completely private about it cuz I was honestly curious of what people's judgements and thoughts may be. And it just turned into a horrible disaster for me. I informed the wrong person whom then informed everyone else and because no one has knowledge of what it actually is and how it's not that bad. People look at me in shame most the time. So I'm so for everything you guys are wanting to do and it makes me very excited. I'm planing on moving to a bigger city. Where small town country life isn't tearing down my image of my self. And I can speak up and be part of something that you cant be where people have been brought up to judge u through what they think is right. So I'm so excited to have found this website and I hope people will help guide me to what is new and going on :). Absolutely love this particular blog ;)
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