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  1. Im so happy to read this.. Im disclosing in a couple hours and this gives me hope especially since im freaking out and feeling the exact same
  2. Thank you so much.. And yes I'm going to read them now.. And you are completely right about everything you said especially that it takes a strong man to stand behind and beside you!!!
  3. Today im having the talk with someone where we are to see if we can move forward... I'm freaking out. I really like this guy and I can sense he likes me too.. How do I make it through dinner without breaking down, panicking, having an panic attack. Please help with some encouraging words or anything!!
  4. @getbetter11 is this your first ob
  5. @nsgreenville thank you so much, that really means a lot
  6. @danaaaaaasaur that was a good one lol. And thank you, I feel better now, just always tired...
  7. @wcsdancer2010 thank you so much for the encouragement and understanding
  8. @whitedaisies thank you so much this is everyone worst nightmarel
  9. @chikitta13 yes I work.at school and I was so nervous especially with classes full of toddlers that speak their mind's.... everyone asking are you feeling better and it's just been a good/emotional morning... @white d
  10. Today is my first day going back to work since my ob and UTI. I was off all.last week because of the excruciating pain. Im really nervous kike how do I act, will my co workers be able to tell. All kinds of things are running through my head... will it be okay
  11. Well I pray something happens.. sooner rather than later, but I understand for it to be done right, that it is has to take time.
  12. @cariboo thank you... On the epsom salt bath it made me bleed is that normal?
  13. Has anyone took the Epsom salt bath, if so what was the effects after....
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