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  1. We were dating for about 8 months. I broke it off bc I felt he just wasn't into me. Shortly thereafter I found out he had a girlfriend. I stopped talking to him for years then forgave him. We started having sex again. Before we started having sex, I told him I have herpes. He said that was ok bc we could have sex during the times I don't have outbreaks. I told him I think u could get it whether I have an outbreak or not. I forget his response but I don't think he agreed with that statement. So we have been having sex for a while even tho he has a girlfriend. After we have sex, something always happens. He'll see he shaved and it itches down there or he used the wrong kind of soap and has a sharp pain on his penis. It freaks me out bc I always think these incidents are herpes related. What if he gives it to his gf? I know u are wondering why I still have sex with him. Well it's bc I don't have many options and I'm lonely. I haven't been in a proper relationship since I was 19 and I'm 45. I feel hopeless about my love life so I take what I can get. Anyway, wanted to know ur thoughts but save ur judgment.
  2. So...I stopped taking Valtrex and got an outbreak in my mouth. It seems to be spreading there. Is it more like that I will pass the virus on through oral from the spots where I have outbreaks? I'm wondering if its more likely to spread from those spots even if there are no outbreaks?
  3. I was hoping you'd tell me I was tripping about the Herpes jumping around. Le Sigh. LOL
  4. Have you ever heard of any one whose problem areas seem to rotate? first it will be my right bottom lip will tingle, then my left. Then maybe a spot and the edge of my chin. Then a spot further up and so on....
  5. Yes. this all kicked wwwwaaaaaaayyyy up a notch when i started BC. I do feel like I'm in menopause early bc I'm drier....
  6. You know what??? I constantly am on the verge of catching a cold too. I always take Vitamin C. My cycle really does a number on me and causes my immune system to weaken but maybe it really is due to underlying autoimmune issues....
  7. I have sensitive breasts all the time any way...I might not mind the nipple sensitivity. ;-) It wouldn't hurt to see someone and start getting my life together. i'm only 40. lol.
  8. I don't know about seeing a rheumatologist. I don't really know what I'd say sense I don't really have any symptoms of anything. I've never heard of Prystiq but I do think it's worth doing some research on....
  9. Yes I have heard others complain about cymbalta...I wish I could find something that would help.... Yeah people don't believe me cause I tend to be dramatic. side note/question...is it not possible to delete or edit your posts on here? Just realizing all this stuff is out there for the world to see.
  10. I order the supplements from Amazon. They're just called "Thyroid Support." I love them. Also I was taking some Herp Eeze which you take four on an empty stomach and it was working fabulously til I decided to get smart and take the dosage twice a day. I got sick and threw up from it. (Throwing up is really rare for me). Ever since throwing up I cant take them on an empty stomach any more. Now this other stuff call Herp B gon seemed to stop the virus from growing. don't know if I mentioned bu it had started to feel like it was creeping up and chin and I was starting to feel it creeping up through my lips. the herp b gon penetrated and eased all of that. Stinks and triggers my sinuses though. i tell you, all this never happened b4 I had sex with him and started taking bc...so thats weird. At one point my whole chin felt like it was breaking out. now there are about six spots that tingle on my chin and bottom of lip whereas it only used to be one. They never turn into bumps though. yes i saw a hair under the head of the penis when i was down there one day! lol. I kept wondering what felt scratchy and I looked at it and it was a hair jutting out! never seen that b4 either. for my anxiety I was taking cymbalta years ago and it was lovely! I stopped when I quit that job. Tried prozac on a docs recommendation and that was a disaster. bout to try hypnotism... and mediation... and changing my self talk... I love that you are so vocal on here. noone in my life understands this...thank you.
  11. This is Awesome...! I think this is what I am trying to do as well. But he's just so...easy about everything. #Terrifying
  12. LOL you have a lot of things correct. Are you psychic?? lol I am SOOOOO anxious. I have tried meds (b4 this) for it and everything. it COULD be psychosomatic, I dont know. I do know that I've stressed myself so badly on some occassions that I will break out in hives on my face. I do know that I stress him out by mentioning it all the time. As to whether or not he's ever had herpes, I don't know. I know about a year b4 we were intimate, he was talking about cold sores at work and saying they were herpes. He asked me had I ever had one and I said no bc there were other people around, and I knew he would have started teasing me if I said yes. I asked the question back to him and he said no. However, after we were intimate and i expressed my concerns, I asked him if he'd ever had one and he just looked at me. I didn't know how to take that, and chicken'd out on getting more info. had he just said "yes" I wouldnt still be stressing 8 months later. I bring it up nearly every time I see him. crazy, I know. I DO have eczema!!! I never connected that with an autoimmune disease! and I don't know for sure that I have thyroid issues but I DO know that I have low iron and I take an iron pill along with a thyroid. The iron has no effect but if I miss my thyroid supplements...I am in deep trouble. I get tired to the point of barely being able to get up in the morning. As for the constant prodrome even on Valtrex, i feel a tingle if I even think about the fact that I havent had a tingle in a while. also get tingles after eating sweets. which is constant and likkkkeee I can't stop. I want to, but I am so not emotionally healthy.....
  13. Let me also add that if I avoided sex whenever I have symptoms, I'd NEVER have sex.
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