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Sex triggering outbreaks?

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Hi All,

I am new to this community but have been dealing with HSV2 for about 15 yrs.  I never had an issue like this until recently where I got an outbreak literally 6 hrs after an intercourse.   I have read that sex can trigger outbreaks but now my worry is whether I passed it on to my partner.  
I am always very very careful and examine myself before having sex with a mirror.  And I was totally fine before the intercourse, no itching no bumps nothing.  In fact, I was even taking 500mg of Valtrex that I take on and off.  
So, my question is whether it is possible that while we had sex there was zero exposure because I had zero symptoms and the act of sex brought on the outbreak?  I’m really hoping that’s the case but I got freaked out by reading online that you can pass it even if u don’t show the symptoms etc. 
I hope someone can shed some light on this and offer some hope.

thank you!


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Hello! @Sunshine11

I hope you are well. Welcome to the HOpp Community!!

First, I wanted to say that I am so sorry for your worry and pain. You are not alone and we are here for you! 

Second, let's talk herpes! Hypothetically, you always can pass HSV to your partner, with or without outbreaks or prodrome symptoms, as some people can shed asymptomatically. Friction definitely can trigger outbreaks. Although you did not have prodrome symptoms prior to having sex, you hypothetically could have passed it to your partner. In the mean time, tell your partner to watch for any symptoms or tingling, and if they do not have an outbreak, yay! If they do end up having an outbreak, breathe. It will be okay and you can cross that road when and if you come to it. However, if you or your partner are worried even without an outbreak, eventually they can get a blood test and see if they have antibodies for HSV-2. 

Is it possible that they already have HSV-2? (Have they ever been tested or have shown symptoms themselves?)

I hope this helps!!

Sending light and blessings your way!!!


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Hi Flowerteacher55,

thank you for your response.  Yeah, the concept of being able to pass it to your partner anytime with or without symptoms really freaks me out.  I honestly rather not even think about it.  I have had HSV2 for the past 15 yrs and to my knowledge never passed it to anyone.  So, I really hope this will be the case as well.  I’m praying that it was an outbreak brought on by sex as I had zero symptoms that morning before sex and started feeling the prodrome symptoms about 6 hours after.  Plus like I mentioned above, I was also taking Valtrex 500mg which usually helps me but this time I still got an outbreak.  Ugh… But thx again for your response.  I did want to ask you- what’s your knowledge regarding spreading the herpes?  Other than direct skin to skin contact, the chances should be pretty low, correct?

Thanks again! 

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