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Oral HSV-1 and Scarring

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Hi everyone. 

I’ve had random oral HSV-1 (cold sores) outbreaks for 20 years.

I understand the healing process well, am super vigilant, and know when it’s safe to engage in intimacy.

After almost 4 years with no outbreak, I had one a month ago with 2 sores. Healing was normal except, after a month later, I still have slight redness and skin is bumped up where sores were. Skin does not feel tender or sore to the touch and no other sores have broken out. 

This has NEVER happened before and have always fully healed within 2 weeks. I talked to a doctor yesterday and she suggested I try applying Vitamin E and have started doing that. In her opinion, I’m not shedding anymore, but I’m nervous to start being intimate with my partner again. 

Has anyone here experienced this before. Any ideas and help is appreciated! 

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I hope you are well. 

That is a really great question! So, it seems that, perhaps because you had two sores, the skin needed some extra healing, and there was more growth of new skin. New skin usually is a different color than the surrounding skin, and usually is softer or more tender. Although you do not feel any tenderness, is the skin there a different color? 

In regards to engaging in intimacy, I think it is awesome that you are being extra cautious. Since it's been a month since the outbreak, it seems like you MAY be okay to engage in intimacy again, if you aren't experiencing and tingling, itchiness, burning, or prodrome symptoms. However, don't risk anything if you know you'll worry or If your partner is weary. Full consent without worry is the sexiest!! ❤️

Vitamin E is a great supplement to take. There are creams and gels, but I personally prefer to just take Vitamin E via a gel pill. I hope that the Vitamin E helps you!! ❤️

Also, make sure not to let sunlight hit the area too much. Sunlight can actually trigger herpes outbreaks! Plus, new skin is sensitive in general so sunburn wouldn't be good for the area anyways. 

I hope that this helps!! I hope others who have had this experience respond with advice ❤️

Sending you happiness and wellness!! 🌻🌼☀️




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