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Herpes outbreak or razor burn?

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I have had herpes for about 3 years now my first outbreak was unbearable to the point the doctor said it was one of the worst cases she had ever seen. My question is I don't have outbreaks that often (I think) but I'm finding every time I shave my genital area I'm becoming sore I don't know if this is razor burn as it's always in the same spot or a outbreak I never show any signs of a cold/flu ect. I'm just wondering if anyone has ever had anything similar or could help shed some light on this please

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I hope you are well ❤️

This is a great question. Often times, people with herpes are extremely sensitive to any bump or redness down there, and sometimes we freak out or get super paranoid if what we are seeing is another outbreak. For me, I went to my health clinic every time I had anything that made me afraid, yet every time the nurses said, nope, that's an ingrown hair, a rash (I cycle), razor burn, or just skin irritation. 

For you, it may be some sensitivity to the razor. Have you ever had razor burn prior to having herpes? If so, did it look and feel similar? 

If this started after the herpes, and your outbreak was one of the worst your doctor has ever seen, then it could be due to new skin. After the sores heal, the skin has to regrow. This new skin is very sensitive, and because pubic hair grows on the skin down their, it can just be super uncomfortable for a while after the healing process starts.

Since it's been three years since the outbreak, and these razor burn feelings are starting now, it could be due to a new soap, razor brand, or another factor we haven't thought of. Have you brought it up to your doctor at all? 

I hope that this helps!!! ❤️




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I've fixated on having herpes so badly I don't think I can remember what I was like beforehand. I've never been back to the doctors about it since having my diagnosis maybe this is where I should start? I'm going to try avoid shaving the particular area that always comes out with something maybe try hair removal cream? 

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