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Genital HSV1 recurrent outbreak frequency

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Hi all , 

I first had symptoms of herpes back in July and currently awaiting the 16 week mark to do my blood test although I'm Pretty sure I have GHSV1 as my current partner gets coldsores. He did a blood test and is negative for hsv2. anyway , it looks like I am having a second outbreak now … My first outbreak was truly awful - I felt sooo unwell with an awful headache and flu symptoms and excruciating pain from the sores that were spread out on my skin , Labia and inside the opening to my vagina. Currently suspected outbreak 2 I just have one sore raised patch with a few blisters very close together and no flu symptoms at all. I am really hoping this is how it stays and I don’t wake up tomorrow feeling awful and with lots of sores!

My question is , how often do those with GHSV1 have outbreaks? I have read that they are less frequent than GHSV2 outbreaks and less likely to transmit to someone else’s genitals.. is this correct ? Any other information re GHSV1 I should be aware of ? A lot of the stuff online focuses on HSV2 I think .


thanks all - hope you are all well x

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I am so sorry that you are experiencing a second outbreak. Ouchies! 😞 

I bet it has been so hard to wait those 16 weeks for the blood test! However, from what you have described about the first and second outbreaks, it does seem to sound like GHSV-1. 

I also have GHSV-1, and I have only had two outbreaks; my first one (very bad) and a small second one (just one or two sores). GHSV-1 typically does not lead to as many outbreaks as GHSV-2 does, and it is less likely to be transmitted. Also, in general, HSV is more commonly passed from penis to vagina than it is passed from vagina to penis since the vagina has more exposed mucous membranes (how HSV enters the body).

You are correct that most literature is regarding oral HSV-1 or GHSV-2, but not as much on GHSV-1. GHSV-1 is actually rising in numbers in recent decades because of the increase in oral sex. 

I hope that you feel better and the sores heal quick! It's great that you did not feel as sick as you did during the primary outbreak. Did you notice any other prodrome symptoms before the sores appeared? Those are indicators that most likely will be your prodrome symptoms for you hypothetical next/future outbreak (if you have one at all, hopefully not 😉 !). 

I hope this helps! 🙂 

Sending you happy healing blessings! ❤️ 

-- Grace


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Hey ! Thank you for the reply. How soon after the first did your second one come? Do you take any supplements to help keep them at bay?

I didn’t notice symptoms before the blisters really, perhaps a bit irritated down below. I did have some aches but I run a lot and I am in the middle of a marathon training block , so aches and pains and feeling tired and the norm . I will pay more attention in future so I am aware what the signs are for me. 
 Hope you are ok. I saw the post about the other symptoms that you have around your period. Sounds like a horrible thing to have to deal with each month. Push for the hormone test and make sure the doctors listen to you or even ask for a second opinion. Nobody should have to put up with that - we have enough to deal with already! Xx

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I had my first outbreak in March of 2019. I had my second outbreak months later. I don't remember when, but I remember it being random and was definitely not immediately after my first. Definitely it was months after. And, it was only two sores that cleared up quickly. I actually didn't have access to my antivirals during this outbreak, so I let the sores heal at their own pace. It wasn't too bad, and I used lysine cream to help them heal and not hurt so bad. 

I don't take any supplements or anything like that, however in general I try to keep stress down and be well physically and emotionally. Taking care of ourselves is so important!! Self care is essential ❤️.

Thank you so much for your kind supportive words. Yeah, it's just not good. My period has been off since I was 14 and I didn't get it for a while because of my eating disorder. I honestly think that my battle with that may be part of the issue, even though I really have gotten so so so much better. 

Stay well and positive!!! Be kind to yourself and good luck with your marathon training, that is so amazing!! ☺️🌄❤️



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I was trying to let the sores heal at their own pace this time too, but it’s gotten more painful since they came up 2/3 days ago so I have began the medication. 
I had a cross country race yesterday and a particularly low point in my life being freezing cold , wet through and standing in some disgusting public toilets trying to peel my underwear off the cluster of sores they had become stuck to :’( 

I was wearing pretty short tight legging shorts for my race and I think those, and the friction from running just was a painful depressing recipe for disaster.

I am keeping my fingers crossed that my outbreaks don’t continue so frequently and settle down as yours seem to have. 

i am sorry to hear about your eating disorder battle. I can also relate to that. I am 32 and I have had an eating disorder since my early teens. I did seek help when I was 30 because I too lost my period for around 2 years but I was trying to start a family with my ex so I knew I needed to face up to it. I am much better now but still not completely relaxed around food. If you ever need to talk then I’m here x

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Oh my gosh that literally sounds terrible 🥺 I am so sorry you had to deal with that! I hope your race went well, though!

I've used natural lysine cream as a barrier between the sores and clothing. It can be a little yucky sometimes because its kind of like vaseline, but it can help prevent that painful friction. 

I'm so sorry you also have struggled with an ED. It's awesome that you got help! 🙂 I have gotten so much better but I definitely still hold on to it. It's like a coping mechanism that I just need to completely let go of. Thank you so much, I appreciate the offer to talk! 

Sending blessings your way! 

-- Grace


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