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IgG for HSV positive

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Hi everyone I just need some guidance and help. I recently went for a general check up to the doctor, I asked for my annual STD testing and I asked for a herpes test as well since they don’t normally check for it just to make sure I was fine why not right?. I was fine until this morning my IgG for HSV2 was a 3 and I was blown away by that, I have no symptoms never had any break outs, I have no idea where it came from I have gotten tested before and it was negative about 6 months ago. I have a bf right now and I don’t know when to say something. I’m going to a check up soon but I just don’t know what to think. I read about “low positives” “false negatives” Im in shock right now.

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I am so sorry that you received that shocking news. I cannot even imagine the stress you must feel. 

Please know you are not alone, and that we are here to help you. You will get through this! Stay strong!

First, it's great that you took priority of your health and got checked for STIs, including HSV. Your IgG result of 3.0 is definitely positive, and it seems that because you've never had symptoms or sores you were aware of (they can be internal, although you would most likely feel some pain or discomfort), you may be asymptotic. This means that you do not show symptoms. Many people are asymptomatic, although the rates of it are higher in those with penises/binary males.

You said that you were previously tested before for HSV. Do you know what your results were? Were they a low negative, a higher negative, or equivocal? Also, was it an IgG test? 

It is possible that your current partner may have given it to you. Have you been intimate with them for over 12 weeks? It takes 12+ weeks for antibodies to build up to detectable levels, and since your level was a high positive, it would seem that you contracted the virus sometime between the last time you were tested and at least 12 or more weeks ago. 

Has your partner even been tested for HSV, or have they ever mentioned having any issues down there? 

It must feel so scary to have to tell them, especially because you just found this out too! You are adjusting to knowing you have it, and its overwhelming. However, there are ways to disclose in a way that offer communication and peaceful, non-aggressive discussion. What you can do is script how you would like to tell him. Meanwhile, I would recommend not engaging in sexual activity until you tell him, since now that you know that you have it, it would be unethical to be intimate with him until he can make a choice if he wants to continue the relationship and/or intimacy.

The right person won't be intimidated by the common virus. It doesn't have the power to break true love! ❤️ Herpes is a virus. You have no reason to feel ashamed. Hold your head high and be kind to yourself, even though it may feel very hard to do those things right now. 

Take time to process everything and grieve yourself, and then when you are ready sit down with him at a time without distractions, on a day that isn't stressful (as stress from other things can cause people to react in a way they normally wouldn't) and ask them to listen and ask questions at the end of what you have to say. Listening without judgement is essential!

Feel free to draft some disclosure scripts and share them here if you would like feedback/advice. We are here to support you however you need! 

Sending blessings and prayers your way ❤️

-- Grace


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Thank you. I talked to my partner and he’s getting tested as well. But we’re really good he was open and we still love each other. I’m just scared of getting symptoms now that I know. I’m accepting of the fact that I’m a carrier it’s just scary to think I may or may not experience anything. I’ve been trying to live my life as normal like always it’s just hard when I remember. 

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