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Epsom Salt Baths for Flareups

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Hi all,

Just had my second flare up ever. It’s pretty uncomfortable to say the least. I’ve been taking valacyclovir and ibuprofen to help with the pain but I was wondering if there’s anything else you guys do to speed up the healing process or take away the pain? 

I have been soaking in epsom salt baths because I thought that might heal the sores a bit faster. Does anyone know if this is alright to do? Hopefully it’s not slowing down heal time. 

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I am so sorry you've been experiencing pain from your outbreak. Please know it will heal! 💛

Epsom salts are a magical thing. They are amazing for reducing swelling, inflammation, and pain (and constipation, although it isn't the safest (or tastiest) idea to ingest them unless you know what you're doing!). 

For herpes sores, yes, you can use Epsom salts! Epsom salts, or even Kosher salt, are great for drawing out infection and 'goo'. Salt and Epsom salt also make the skin dry and clears up pimples and sores. However, please be aware it may cause discomfort or burning, especially because sores are basically like open wounds, and salt not only can burn the sore but the surrounding skin. This is why salt and Epsom salts are not applied directly to the skin, but instead are diluted in water. Also, salt is an antiseptic, which also contributed to the fact that it burns sometimes. You could soak in the tub by mixing warm water with Epsom salts and mixing until they dissolve, or mix hot water with the Epsom salt so it dissolves, and then soak a washcloth in it, and apply it to the area you need. 

I reccomend testing it on a small area of skin first or a single sore to see how your body and skin reacts to it, so you know if it will help you and you know what to expect before exposing a larger area of skin to the treatment. 

Also, for friends with oral herpes sores, you can do this treatment, too!! Swishing warm salt around in your mouth can help reduce inflammation, pain, and the development of the sore(s). Or, if you get sores on your lip area, dip a washcloth in warm water mixed with Kosher table salt and apply it to the sore. NOTE: For oral herpes application, I DO NOT reccomend using Epsom salts because they actually taste like the worst thing ever 🤮🤢. So, stick with Kosher salt for oral HSV sores! ☀️

I hope this helps!! 

Blessings!! ☀️💛

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