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Could it be Herpes ?

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Hello everyone, 

just want to start out by saying I am new to this . And I really appreciate all the content that I have read through this far. I am looking for some help , advice and opinions. So … I am 29 years old male . Although not diagnosed with H . I am suspecting that I might have it . The doctors I went to never tested me for it …. Here’s why I suspect it . For about the last 3-5 years I have been experiencing very odd symptoms. I get this feel of numbness (I guess I’d call it ) in my bowels . Like sometimes I feel like I need to poop but can’t . And then my stomach starts to bloat. Usually with these symptoms I also get urinary symptoms . Like I feel like my bladder is full and no pee comes out . Sometimes when I am not peeing , just sitting normal I feel a slight burn in my urethra. I have never had any lesions or spots that would indicate that I have H . But I notice changes in my bowels and urination . I have seen a urologist and he said I might have prostitis although he didn’t do any test ti confirm this . I mentioned H to him and he said there is nothing he can swab and he dosent thing that’s the culprit. It all went away one day for about 1.5 years and now it’s back . And I am going to see him again . It is so frustrating not being able to poop or pee like I used to . I eat decently and I drink plenty of fluids . I even upped my fiber and started taking Metamucil. Of course just like many , I started to google and saw that Yale study on the mice and it concerns me . Because from what I gather if it is the culprit I don’t know if there is any repair. It is effecting my life tremendously. I am not my happy self . My family and friends have noticed that something is wrong . Drs seem to brush it off and that  concerns me deeply . At this point I could care a less what I have I just want answers ! I know many here have struggles with haveing the virus . And I know it’s usually not a big deal . So I am just looking for anyone who may have the same symptoms, any advice , any ideas on if you think it can be H or something else . I look forward to any input I receive 


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I am so sorry you have been experiencing these symptoms. You deserve to be treated well by your doctor, and they should have tested you for other things when you were there the first time instead of the classic "let's wait and see what happens" approach. Obviously, there was something going on! Now, over a year later it is back, and you deserve some answers. 

It could be proctitis, but you want to figure out what is CAUSING the proctitis. Diagnostic testing is needed to ensure you are the best you you can be! 🙂 

The symptoms you are describing could be so many things, however I do not think it is herpes. The symptoms do not align exactly with HSV, and while some folks do have issues with urinating or passing stools, your symptoms sound like it could be an obstruction or an ulcer of sorts. I recommend the following:

1) ask for a referral for a GI doctor. Really push for this, as the doctor may not want to write a referral. Your health is essential!

2) Explain to the GI doctor about your symptoms, and ask if a colonoscopy would be helpful, or an MRI or other scan to see the inside of your organs.

3) Monitor symptoms and even keep a log so you can see the triggers and such, to provide the doctor(s) with data so they can best get an idea of what's going on. 

I am praying for you! 🙂  Stay strong and advocate for your health! 🙂 



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@Flowerteacher55 Thank you so very much for your response. It is so hard to get through to doctors sometimes. They tested me for every std except herpes . Told me to up my water intake …. 🤦🏻‍♂️ I don’t care what it is I just want to feel better . I also read that one study about the mice and I automatically assumed it herpes . I have been to so many doctors it’s getting so tiresome. I will talk with my doctor and tell him I need to see a GI doctor. 
thank you again 😁

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