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So many questions

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I am 8 days into my first Valtrex prescription.  I’d had what I thought was a UTI for a couple of days, so went in to my doctor, and was absolutely gobsmacked to hear her say “herpes” based on one ulcer.  I went back the next day because I’d been too caught off guard to ask any questions, and the one had been joined by others in a telltale cluster.  So I haven’t been tested, but with UA and vaginal swabs coming back negative for everything else and with symptoms continuing, it seems pretty conclusive.  I have so many questions:

HOW?    My husband and I are each other’s first and only sex partners.  He has a history of cold sores and had one recently, so that’s the only thing we can come up with, but we haven’t ever done oral, and I’ve never picked up a cold sore in all these years of kissing him.

Is this all normal or is something else going on?  It started with urgency/frequency/burning and some spots of blood on the toilet paper.  The bleeding stopped after I started the Valtrex, and after a few days I was generally feeling on the upswing.  Two days ago I felt pretty normal all day until evening, and then the UTI feelings started up again. Yesterday there was more burning, more blood on the toilet paper, and I was pretty uncomfortable all day and past midnight.  Through it all I haven’t been able to see anything that looks like a lesion, ulcer, blister, whatever.  This makes sense because the doctor says they’re right inside the vagina in a way that may make them impossible to see with a mirror.  But it also makes it impossible to observe any progress.  All I have is the constant feeling of needing to pee, and then misery when I do.   There have been a few occasional prickles and itchies that are probably part of the infection, but if it weren’t for the diagnosis I probably wouldn’t notice them.  

Is the Valtrex even working?  It’s really upsetting to feel very much like I did a week ago, especially after a couple days of feeling better.  Seeing blood yesterday was especially discouraging.

Is it important to get tested?  My doctor is leaving it up to me.

How do I prevent my husband from getting it, although it seems impossible he doesn’t already have it?  

Am I missing any good remedies?  I’ve tried ibuprofen, acetaminophen, AZO, and Espom sitz baths.  Nothing helps much.

Is it really true that the first episode is the worst and the others aren’t so bad?  It’s obvious to me that this isn’t nearly as bad as it could be, but it’s certainly bad enough, and the idea of going through it periodically for the rest of my life while trying not to let on to family or employers that this is what’s going on … it’s just really depressing.


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I hope you are well. 

I am so sorry about the emotional and physical pain you are experiencing! 

Just to clarify, were the sores swabbed at all? 

Also, did the doctor examine you with a speculum?

The symptoms do relate to HSV, however what is odd is you mentioned you have never had oral sex, which is usually how oral herpes passes to the genital area from one person to another. 

It will be okay. The worst episode is typically the worst, since your body is fighting the virus and trying to build antibodies. The symptoms may last a while, but it will get better ❤️

 Since the sores are internal, it is hard to apply anything to them (and obviously you shouldn't try since the vagina is a sensitive microbiome sensitive to changes in pH). The Epsom salts should help. You could try soaking again and sitting cross legged in the bathtub. Something else you could ask your doctor about is a topical Acyclovir cream. I am unsure if you can put that internally in the vaginal area, so you could consult your OBGYN or general doctor about that. 

Getting tested would eventually help since it would help you identify the strain (1 or 2) you have. 

I hope this helps. Stay strong and hang in there! 

I am praying for you! ❤️ 🙂 





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Thank you, Flowerteacher, for your kind words and your response.  The sores weren't swabbed, as I was told we needed to wait until they ulcerated.  I'm not sure whether a speculum was used.  As for transmission, could it have been from his hands if he had recently touched his mouth?  Or maybe at some point in the past he transferred the oral herpes to his own nether regions and had a mild outbreak he didn't notice?  It all seems so unlikely.  Are you thinking it may not be herpes at all?  It's certainly crossed my mind, but nothing else explains the continued symptoms.  

Thanks for the reassurance that things will get better. Maybe my expectations were too high, as I've usually experienced obvious relief within 24 hours after starting any antibiotic and I was expecting the same from Valtrex.  It's discouraging to be at the end of a ten day prescription and still feeling a lot like the beginning. It would probably be worse without the Valtrex, but it's hard to remember that in the worst moments.

I appreciate your prayers and your kindness in answering my many questions!

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