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Stressed out and concerned after recent encounter

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Hello. I'm a 45-year-old male. About a month ago I had protected (condom) vaginal and anal sex with a woman I did not know well. She also briefly preformed unprotected (no condom) oral sex on me. We kissed a bit, too.

I freaked out about STDs (though I had no symptoms) a week later, got a full panel done. At that point, of course, everything was negative. The following week (two weeks from encounter) my penis began feeling sensitive, irritated, and with a slight burning feeling. It doesn't burn to urinate, but afterwards, and it's fairly constant.

This prompted me to go in for a second round of tests for Chlamydia, gonorrhea, and trich. I was also given treatment for Chlamydia and gonorrhea at that time. A few days later, the doc called and said my tests were all negative. The pain subsided a few days later.

The past week, the pain has returned, and I am convinced I have herpes. I have identified no other specific symptoms (no visible lesions, etc), but the feeling is similar to what I've read describing the prodrome stage. It's been ongoing for a few days now (3 or 4), though still no additional symptoms or lesions. I went yesterday to get a herpes blood test, so I'm awaiting the results. But I'm stressed and concerned and looking for feedback. Could this be herpes?

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I am sorry you are so stressed and that you aren't feeling well. It will be okay. You are not alone and we are here for you! 

It's great you went to get tested. It is possible you have HSV, however you mentioned there were no sores. Did you get an IgM bloodtest? Those are the antibodies that would be the first to show since it's too early for an IgG antibody test.

Are you experiencing any rash or tingling? Have your lymph nodes been swollen? Also, did you reach out and ask the person if they have any STIs or have been tested recently? 

Stay calm and take care of yourself! Monitor yourself for any symptoms changes.

Sending blessings of happiness and health your way! 🙂 

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I believe they did an IgG test.

Its been a month since the encounter and the only real symptom I have is the discomfort around the tip/frenulum of my penis. No pain when I urinated, just as steady discomfort there throughout the day. No signs of blisters anywhere and my penis looks otherwise normal at the moment. This would be my first exposure/outbreak and I'm finding conflicting info online as to what the symptoms are.

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Okay. It typically takes 12+ weeks for your body to build up antibodies in numbers that can be detected by the IgG test. So, you may have to get retested after the 12 week mark. 

Your symptoms could be related to rough intimacy. Odd question, but are you circumcised? If not, it could be related to issues caused from the foreskin of the penis. 


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I'm so sorry. It is very scary to be in the unknown. Have faith everything will be okay. If any sores appear, get them swabbed. 

Also, did the condom you use have any type of flavor or lubricant you're possibly allergic to? That can cause irritation sometimes, but I don't know if that would cause symptoms lasting a month. 

Stay strong! You'll make it through this ☀️!!


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And I guess my other question is, what is causing the pain/discomfort for this long if I don't have lesions? My understanding is that, with herpes, the lesions themselves are what cause the pain, so absent those, is there something that would still cause my symptom if this is herpes?

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Hello again. So, I did some exploring this morning and noticed that the underside of my penis, from the tip/frenulum down the underside about a half inch or so, looks red and irritated (photo attached). No visible blisters or lesions, but that redness is probably what accounts for the pain/discomfort I've been feeling. I assume it's been that way for about three or four weeks, on and off, since the discomfort has been the same all that time. Does my description sound like herpes?


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The pain can come from skin lesions or from nerve cells firing. Herpes lives in the bundle of nerves at the base of the spine, which is why people experience tingling or pain before or with their outbreaks, or even after the sores are gone. 

That looks like a rash or a hive or sorts. I tried seeing if I could find any pictures online that matched yours, but I did not find any. The only thing I was thinking was maybe dermatitis or balanitis. 

Have you considered going to the doctor for an exam? 

Also, is the skin warm to the touch?

Hang in there! ☀️

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