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Is this balanitis from initial herpes infection (pic)?

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I've been dealing with redness and irritation at the bottom tip of my penis since a sexual encounter over a month ago (protected vaginal and anal, but unprotected oral). My doctor said it might be dermatitis and prescribed a steroid cream, but after 7 days of using the cream it's offered only partial relief. It looks like it may be balanitis, which I've read could be part of an initial herpes infection. I've been stressing over herpes since the encounter (and have posted a previous comment on this board about it). I've got a consultation with a urologist in a few days but am looking for opinions from this group. Is it possible this is balanitis from an initial herpes infection? Would it last over a month without developing lesions? The pain really only comes from when my urine passes over the red area, or if it runs against something. Please advise!3BF2414D-E726-4ED7-9734-A63FA6938A39.thumb.jpeg.0ebe7dbc4c7dbaf3d783648748755be7.jpeg

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I am so sorry that you are stressed and have had these lingering symptoms. 

The cream seemed to offer some relief. Did the relief end after you stopped using the cream/has it come back?Did you follow up with the doctor that initially prescribed the cream and told them it did not cure the issue(s)? If so, what did they say?

It's great you are seeing a urologist. Keep us updated! 

Urine passing over the area can cause pain because urine is highly acidic and can cause burning, and of course friction can cause irritation as well. A primary herpes outbreak can cause skin discomfort for up to a few weeks after the sores go away, but you never had any sores. 

If this is indeed balanitis, it could be lingering because it is bacterial and you need antibiotics. I did some research and balanitis can be caused by bacteria (yeast bacteria, for example, is common to cause balanitis). 

I hope this helps! ❤️ 


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I am still using the cream but the pain/discomfort still comes and goes. When I spoke with my doctor and said it hasn't cleared up, she suggested the urologist.

I guess my big question is can this be herpes, lingering for just over a month, but never forming blisters? Every time I Google images of herpes outbreaks, the pics are the more traditional blisters, lesions, and sores, and they don't typically look like what I have. Yet is it possible that this is in fact herpes?

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Hypothetically, it could be herpes, but it would be odd to be symptomatic but NOT have sores. Usually if people are symptomatic, they have sores during outbreaks and may also have symptoms like itching, burning, tingling, etc. Asymptomatic people do not have any symptoms at all. So, it would be unlikely for this to be HSV since sores never appeared but you have skin irritations. Maybe the urologist could take a skin sample and see what's going on, or swab the area for yeast and/or HSV viral culture? 

I hope this helps!! ☀️

Hang in there!! 🌻


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Man, I'm going nuts over here. This encounter happened on April 2, the symptoms (stinging after urination, irritated redness on the head of my penis) started around April 10. I thought I was starting to feel better yesterday but today the discomfort continues, as does the redness, and some abdominal discomfort/bloating feeling. These symptoms are going on five weeks, still no blisters, and I'm not sure what's going on. Any help out there? Urology appointment later this week can't come soon enough.

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