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Just Need a Little Reassurance!

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Hey Friends! ❤️ 

I hope you are well doing well ❤️🙂 

I have been super anxious and just need some reassurance so I thought I'd post on here. Maybe some of you can relate to this, too!

So, I have started dating someone and I really like them. I disclosed last night and he was so understanding and accepting ❤️I am truly SO blessed! 

Me being the OCD-worrier that I am hasn't been able to stop thinking about this though. So basically I got my period last night (classic timing) but I didn't expect it. My periods are really light and its honestly just a little bit of light pink discharge. I didn't expect it last night and after he dropped me off and I got out of the car I turned around to close the car door and I saw a small moisture spot left on the seat. When I went inside I checked my shorts and some discharge had lightly soaked through my underwear and my shorts and got onto the car seat. I can't stop thinking about the possibility that the next person who sits on the seat (which is leather) could contract my GHSV. The anxiety is driving me nuts! 🥜 If anyone could offer any support or reassurance I'd greatly appreciate it. I actually have therapy today but I feel so awkward talking to my therapist about this!

Thanks friends! 

Love, prayers, and blessings to you all ❤️ 





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@Flowerteacher55 I understand OCD part, I am dealing with it for the last seven years. It is mentally exhausting and life consuming sometimes.

Let me assure you that everything is going to be ok. That moisture spot you saw probably wasn't a moisture spot at all but OCD brain has a tendency to see something that isn't there. Even if actually there was a moisture spot caused by you it would be a miracle for someone to be infected with GHSV after sitting there after you. First of all HSV becomes inactive very quickly once exposed to the air. Second of all there would have to be enough viral particles in order transmission to occur     ( and who says you were shedding at that time). And in the end that person would have to be naked and would need to be rubbing vigorously with her/his genitals on that moisture spot in order for transmission to occur. And who does that?? 😀😀😀

You have genital HSV 1 if I remember correctly? Most of the people already have establisht oral HSV 1 infection wich makes them protected from getting infected genitally. So this is also a reason to consider. 

I know it is really hard with OCD because OCD brain likes to picture irrational situations and find one hundred reason and scenarios why something bad will happen. Even if there is a 0,0001 percent chance to happen, OCD brain will convince us that this can and will happen. 

Everything is going to be ok and there is no even a remote chance of somebody being infected after sitting on that seat after you. 

You are a wonderful young person and great supporter to all of us members here. Thank you for that! 😊

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Thank you so so so much @Bloomer!!

I really appreciate your support, I feel much more calm now 🌻. Yes, I have GHSV-1. I hope you are doing well and your OCD calms down, too. It is exhausting but what's odd is it's actually our brain's way of trying to keep us safe. It's like we have to channel that energy into another outlet. Tapping and breathing has worked really well for me!! 

Thank you again for your kindness.  

Blessings to you! ☀️🌻🌈

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