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Help! Could this be ocular herpes and herpes on my finger? Need help!

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I just had an OB about a month ago. I typically don’t take meds but I was wanting to this time, as I have a vacation coming up next week. I took 5 days of acylovir and then started the suppressive dosing.  Two days ago, I noticed a red spot on my finger. It’s not swollen, it’s not hurting, no itching, etc.  I immediately panicked and covered the spot. I started taking the ob dosage again. I was immediately worried about my eyes, as I’m a contact lens wearer. The finger the spot is on is not one I use to out my contacts in. In fact, it’s my non-dominate hand and I have no idea how it could have come in contact with a herpes sore. I am really careful about hand washing. I didn’t even touch my genital areas until after I had finished my 5 day OB dosage and even then, it was very minimal and hand washing afterwards. I was just checking to see if I saw any sores. 
My eyes have been very itchy and I have a few bloodshot lines. This has not increased at all. I know it could be allergies or from being outside but I am really worried the herpes spread from my genitalia area to also my finger and eyes. I am trying to avoid the actual drs office right now due to covid spikes and wanting to stay healthy before my trip. In all my times with herpes, this is new for me. I was thinking about doing a virtual drs visit but wasn’t sure if they could tell by looking at my finger and eyes or not.  I’m going to try to attach pictures and I would love any feedback. I am definitely losing sleep over this and wanting to be healthy for vacation. I’ve always had such minor outbreaks with no complications and so this is really worrying me.  I am attaching a pic of the one red spot (can’t tell if it has a clear center or if it’s more solid) and both of my eyes. 2D596517-7FE7-4CB5-A77F-EA61A45F2F31.thumb.jpeg.0c4c22d531f79064aec72d0eec0aa1fb.jpegBD9D2BBC-71F8-4B8B-8EC2-718CA27631B8.thumb.jpeg.400e634b8bd0e08d63e2992ad0732059.jpegThanks for taking the time to look at my pictures and offer your opinions. 




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Hello, Friend!! 

Please know that all is well and you are safe. You are especially safe in your own body. Take a moment to really let that idea in. 

Herpes can make us feel like our body is the enemy; like we are constantly afraid of our body just making things worse by spreading it to another area. However, please know that autoinoculation is rare and is more likely to occur in the pre-12+ week stage of having herpes, as your body hasn't made antibodies in high enough numbers to keep you safe from spreading it to yourself. 

Your finger spot could be a wart, a burn, an insect bite, or a cut. Finger and hand skin is thick and doesn't have mucous membranes (which is where HSV likes to enter the body through), and you said you wash your hands after touching a sore. You should be fine, let the worries fade away! 

In regards to your eye, it looks like eye strain or allergies. Ocular herpes is usually very painful and typically impacts the cornea. I think you are okay ❤️

Please know that worrying is so so so scary and draining, and sometimes when we are so hyperfocused on something we almost exacerbate or imagine our symptoms! I have very bad OCD and anxiety and herpes has really been something my OCD latches onto. However, reminding myself of the medical facts and statistics helps me stay calm. 

For right now, keep track of if the symptoms progress or worsen and if you are still in need of support, you could even call your doctor or OBGYN and speak to the on call nurse.

Please know that you are most likely safe!! 🦋 Take care of yourself and be kind to yourself. I am sending you prayers of happiness and health!! ☀️🦋🌻




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Thank you for your reply. I really appreciate your insight. I keep reading horror stories about herpes spreading to fingers and eyes. My eyes are still bloodshot, even after some allergy eye drops. I am going to see if Benadryl helps at all. I had thought about doing a television but I’m worried they will still want me to come into the office and I’m trying to avoid in-office visits. But I also don’t want to ignore this issue.  I am already taking the OB dosage of the acylovir so would that help at all or does it have to be cream/drops? I don’t know that I would even notice my eyes if I wasn’t already so worried. Yes, I also have the anxiety! I just feel like all this is hitting at once, right as I’m supposed to go on a vacation. One thing I read about ocular heroes was something about how it looks like tree branches when they do the stain test. My blood shot parts look like tree branches. But it’s the areas around the cornea. I would like to wait this out, but I also don’t want to do anything to jeopardize my health. 

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Oh golly, don't go down the herpes reading rabbit hole!! There's so much information out there and it's hard to decipher fact from fiction, and remember, we can't be our own doctor, especially on solely internet research! 

Additional symptoms of ocular herpes can include sensitivity to light, decrease in eye sight, and general inflammation. Do you have any of those symptoms? 

You could do a telemed appointment, especially if it would soothe your nerves before you go on vacation. 

Stay kind to yourself and try and relax ☀️🦋 

Blessings!! 🌻

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Does inflammation mean like the eye lid is inflamed or the vessel? I would assume it’s I games since I can see the red vessels in my eye. No sensitivity to light and no loss of vision. 
I will see what it looks like in the AM.  Does ocular herpes normally happen all at once or does it take days to get worse kind of like a genital outbreak? I don’t believe my finger or my eye has gotten worse. Both seem to have stayed the same. I started my OB meds on Sunday night. So yesterday was my first full day and today will be my second full day. How long should it take to see any improvements? The worst part is not knowing and also not wearing my contacts! 

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Does inflammation mean like the eye lid is inflamed or the vessel? I would assume it’s I games since I can see the red vessels in my eye. No sensitivity to light and no loss of vision. 
I will see what it looks like in the AM.  Does ocular herpes normally happen all at once or does it take days to get worse kind of like a genital outbreak? I don’t believe my finger or my eye has gotten worse. Both seem to have stayed the same. I started my OB meds on Sunday night. So yesterday was my first full day and today will be my second full day. How long should it take to see any improvements? The worst part is not knowing and also not wearing my contacts! 
my don’t hurt but they feel irritated at times. Not what I’d call pain 

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Typically, ocular herpes infection occurs in childhood. It lays dormant and results in reoccurring outbreak issues throughout the person's life. It's a very misdiagnosed disease as it can mimic other infections. Read more here: https://www.aao.org/eyenet/article/demystifying-ocular-herpes-simplex-virus

The bumps could also be clogged pores (especially under the ring). 

Do the bumps have a head or a center to them? Or are they just bumps?

Stay calm and carry on!! 🦋🌻

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I think I’ve had bumps under my ring before and I know I’ve had it itch before. I woke up with two itchy fingers so I’m hoping it’s not a sign that more bumps are coming. The original bump looks a bit smaller today. I think. My eyes are still irritated so that’s my biggest concern. I don’t think it’s a bad case of ocular herpes (if that’s what it is) that would cause blindness but I just wonder if my antiviral pills wouldn’t be strong enough to knock it out. I keep reading that most treatment is for 14 days and I have my trip in 8. I really need to be able to wear my contacts! I may try a telegraphy visit today and see if they think I need to be seen in person, even though that’s what I’m trying to avoid. 
Thanks for all your replies! I’ll attach some updated pics of my eyes. I think they may be more bloodshot than yesterday but it’s hard to tell. 






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I did a televisit and the dr said it was allergy related irritation and to do antihistamine eye drops. I also sent a message to my eye dr but I haven’t heard back yet. I’m just not sure that a telegraphy visit would be able to actually tell? I read online that it needs to be looked at by eye dr so they can use a slit and dye. The telehealth dr made it seem like it was ridiculous that I thought it could be from herpes but did say if it didn’t clear up or got worse to go see the eye dr. 

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Thanks for the pictures and the updates!

I am sorry that the Dr. was patronizing. The bumps on your fingers could be from an allergy as well. 

Please know that you are most likely okay! ❤️ All is well and you are safe.

Another thing I have been thinking about... sometimes we become afraid and hyperfocused on things as an outlet for an underlying thing. For example, after I told my mom I have HSV, her reaction wasn't the best, and after that I became so hyper-focused and scared about passing it to my family by sharing a bathroom or doing laundry together (which doesn't happen of course!). So, sometimes if we connect our HSV with an event or feelings of guilt, shame, or sadness, then sometimes we hyperfocus on it and it stresses us out so much. 

Sending blessings of peace and happiness and health to you! ❤️ 

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The white bump is on the lacrimal caruncle. That part of the eye can become inflamed and masses can appear on it because it is very close to the tear duct, which can sometimes get clogged. Believe it or not, having white bumps in the caruncle is common, since there are oil glands in that part of the eye that can become clogged. Also, cysts can form here as well. Here are common examples of bumps such as yours form on the eye: https://healthfully.com/causes-brown-spots-eye-6381923.html

It most likely is nothing to worry about. There are more common diagnoses to explain the bump besides HSV! Regardless, get check by an optometrist when you can 👓👁️

I hope this helps!! 

Stay calm and be kind to yourself 🍀💛 !!

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I am still worried about my eye. I have been doing the antihistamine drops the dr said to do. My eye dr sent me a message and said I was good to start wearing contacts again. So I have worn them today. He does not seem concerned and I can’t get to him until after vacation. But shouldn’t this have cleared by now? Can eye herpes be just those blood shot lines? I don’t think my vision is affected but that is my “bad eye” anyway and I don’t know if I am just making up extra blurriness or not. My 5 days of emergency acylovir dose is up and I don’t know if I should continue taking the larger dose or go back to the suppressive dose. Updated pic attached 


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I'm so sorry that you are under such stress. How did the contacts feel? Have your symptoms improved at all? 

I honestly don't know it eye HSV can present in only red lines. However, I feel like if this was HSV the Acyclovir would've helped, and if it was allergies the drops would've helped. It's possible it's neither, and perhaps it's a clogged duct or eye strain or some type of allergic reaction that isn't related to regular spring/summer allergies. 

I will keep researching for you!! ❤️ Stay strong and enjoy your vacation!! ☀️🦋


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I think everything has stayed the same. Maybe less itching and definitely less gunk coming out of my eyes. I just can’t decide if I should go to the eye dr before I leave or not. If it’s no big deal, then I’m fine with not going. I just don’t want to avoid going and then realize I should have. I also am one that definitely focuses on symptoms when I’m anxious about something so sometimes it’s hard to tell if it’s real or not real. 
I took the outbreak dosage for the past 9 days. Surely it would have worked by now? And maybe my eyes are always blood shot and I don’t pay any attention to them? I feel like my vision is off in that eye but it could be me knowing that’s a symptom of herpes in the eye. 

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So I took the OB dosage for 10 days. That was today. Do you think it’s okay to go back to the suppressive dose? I keep thinking I’m having prodome symptoms but not sure if I really am. I haven’t noticed any outbreaks on me. I feel like the OB dosage makes me feel a bit off and I’d like to not feel that way in vacation. But, I also don’t want to cause an OB if I go to the suppressive dose. The dr told me I was fine either way.  Any advice?

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Sorry for the late response!!

When you are distracted, do you still notice the discomfort? When you're happy do you notice it? Or do you notice it only when stressed? It may be eye strain and you're hyperfocused on the symptoms so they then feel worse.

I think maybe the suppressive dose would be okay to go back to. I think you are safe ❤️. You could consult your regular doctor in case you can't reach the optometrist but need to reach him. 

Also I've been meaning to tell you that you have beautiful eyes!! ☺️

Stay well and be kind to yourself!! 

Blessings!! 🦋🌻☀️

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