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Things I wish I had done from the beginning

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There’s so much unknown and it’s normal to feel lost. 
I wish I joined here sooner!

I wish I saw a naturopath from the beginning!

I wish I started antivirals from the beginning!

That being said if I saw the naturopath early on maybe I wouldn’t have needed antivirals. 

A few years back I read about Ozone Therapy for herpes. I wish I kept looking then. 

Recently I posted here feeling at the end of my rope with this battle. With great suggestions I booked with my naturopath. I cried and said I wish I came sooner. Finally I felt hope. It’s only been 10 years!!

She knew just what to do to get me on track. We started with supplements (which I can provide a list) but most importantly Ozone therapy!! I’m also as I type this doing my 1st IV vitamin infusion!!

I was doing weekly ozone, now alt ozone and vit infusion weekly for next 5-6 weeks then back to ozone adding vit inf after an outbreak or if I feel one coming on.

Another key point she mentioned and we are doing next is a negalase test. It’s mostly for cancer, hiv but most recently for hsv. 

So just wanted to check in to say as a Veteran as I feel I can call myself after 10 yrs, terrible outbreaks, spreading to other areas of my own body, feeling the effects of life with the fear of spreading to others, being intimate/not being intimate/relationship trouble, managing outbreaks, trying every essential oil, vitamin, exercise known to man. Having babies naturally!! Learning to love myself with this(still working on it), I only just now feel like I’m getting a grasp on this. 

so if you havnt seen a naturopath who’s familiar with hsv in particular, you must!  
make sure they offer ozone and vit infusion. Ask for negalase testing!

Maybe I can save others a decade of suffering 🙏🙏


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Thank you Grace for your continued support. I’m getting there, will be interested to know what the Negalase tests show. I’ll keep you posted. If it comes back positive it could be why I’m experiencing such frequent breakouts and would help those that feel after years it’s getting worse. The treatment would reduce the concentration in my blood and hopefully reduce outbreaks. Just working on boosting immunity right now. 
Also we did a good sensitivity test as this can be hard on your immune system if your always eating foods that aggravate your body. 
Another thing I just thought of is that she mentioned that when you eat foods high in arginine make sure your just have a higher amount of lysine…I always thought 1000 mg was enough but I’m taking almost 2000 now particularly when I eat those arginine foods. 

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Hi @Tiredmommaj, thank you for sharing about your journey. I’m curious if the naturopath you see is who provides the ozone treatment? Or do you go somewhere else for that. I’d heard about ozone for herpes on a podcast a few months ago and started looking for a place here in Minneapolis/St Paul, but got distracted from it. I don’t have bad outbreaks at all, but definitely curious about what benefits it could provide. I’m going to researching again, but wondering if just seeking out a naturopath is the right first step or if a clinic that offers ozone would likely also help with the vitamins, etc.

Thank you again for sharing your experience and knowledge to help others!

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@Tiredmommaj hey! 

I am so glad you are finally seeing some improvement. 

I was reading a lot about ozone treatment but it was hard to find clinic or doctor here where I live who is providing ozone therapy. By the time I found one, I became pregnant so I was very catious and decided to wait until I give birth. 

As for IV vitamin infusions, I was already recommending them to some members here because they are much more efficient than taking supplements orally. What supplements did your naturopath recommends for HSV if I may ask? Those on picture? 

Good luck! I hope you will continue to improve. 😊😊😊

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@Lynsi When I 1st looked I think I searched naturopaths that treat hsv and found one who recommended ozone in his treatments. If you can find a clinic that can offer both that would be ideal. Mine has a lab in it that offers and then I am now just checking in with naturopath every month or so after weekly ozone or vit iv. Also if you find a clinic that offers it I feel the Dr might have more knowledge. The ozone has 3 oxygen molecules so it kills any viruses in its path!! Here’s to hoping 🙏🙏 I hope you can find one soon!! Keep me posted and if you have anymore questions. I’ve just had ozone for the 4th time I believe and 1 vit infusion. 

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@BloomerI definitely recommend the ozone therapy when you can post pregnancy as I feel it’s just next level and helping to keep the virus at bay. As for the vitamins And supplements I’ll just copy her latest instructions to me

Alternate IV MAH ozone weekly with Vitamin C 12.5mg + mineral IV Drip for 4-5 weeks to support immune function and provide antiviral support.


-Medi Herb Astragalus complex 1 cap three times daily. This can be found at our dispensary or Pure Pharmacy


-Lemon Balm capsules approx 500mg three time daily during a flare or signs of a prodrome. I advise taking this dose now for ten days then reducing to an ongoing maintenance dose of 1 capsule only or including a lemon balm tea to your daily routine. Lemon balm is excellent for reducing stress hormones that can contribute to outbreak onset.


-Continue your spleen and lymph homeopathic at this time, as well as the Thymus-LF.


-Increase Lysine to 3g daily for the next ten daily then reduce to 1g for ongoing maintenance.


-Continue your AdrenPlus 1 cap morning and noon.


-Begin the Probiotic 3 to support your gut microbiome post gastroenteritis episode. Begin at 3 capsules daily with food for 10 days then reduce to 1 cap daily until finished. This can also be found at Pure Pharmacy.


-Regarding topical applications, a 3% bee propolis such as Coldsore-FX can be applied to the area. We can also compound a 0.025% zinc sulfate ointment that can be very beneficial in preventing further sores after onset and speed healing. Let me know if you would like a prescription send in for this.


-Below if further information about Nagalase testing. This can be worth assessing levels, as alterations can indicate a need for GC-MAF, which acts the regulate parts of the immune system, tumour growth, and even enhance the immune systems response to viruses such as HSV and HIV. I will have front desk provide you with the cost of testing. Cost: $237


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