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Hi, all. Thanks for all your help on my last post regarding spreading herpes to my finger/eyes.  I’m so confused about what’s going on lately. I have had outbreaks for years but never took any types of meds. I would get about 4 OB’s a year, always mild. I had one in June and started to worry about it happening during my vacation this month. I ended up getting on meds and took the emergency dose for 5 days, as directed. Then about a week later is when I worried about it spreading to my finger/eye so the dr said to start taking emergency dose again. I was on the suppressive dose. I have never had back to back outbreaks and with the exception of my first OB, they have all been mild. Since starting the meds, I feel like I’m always on the verge of an OB. I don’t know if it’s from the meds, anxiety over worrying about having an outbreak on vacation, or if it’s a real outbreak coming on. I definitely struggle with anxiety and this is the most anxiety I’ve had over herpes and I think it’s bc I am so worried about an OB during vacation. I keep checking myself and I don’t see any lesions. How do I know if I’m safe to have sex or if I’m having actual symptoms? I’m so confused as this has never happened before. Why does it always have to be right before something important, like a vacation? 
should I continue taking the emergency dose? Should I add lysine? Thoughts?

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yea that's what happens to me too... just before a trip....  It's because you are all excited about going on the vacation leading up to it.. there's a lot of anticipation about how things will go...  It can bring on an OB or some unwanted anxiety... 


   As for meds... I'm not a med guy so I can't say what you should do with it... But I can say, I've heard from Dr.'s that say to never do something out of the ordinary or different then what they've told you.. esp before something big...

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