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Urgent/ worried/exposure to herpes?

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hello, a few weeks ago i receive a handjob from a girl, where she wet one her finger with saliva or vaginal fluid and use it as lube on my penis, am not sure whether some got inside the tip of my penis and also not sure which however as she was rubbing it, it then began to dry and immediately , i stopped, please note that there wasn't any penetration or such I DID NOT INSERT MY PENIS OR SHE DID NOT SUCK MY PENIS, also there is no burning sensation or itching on my penis or inside and all this took place on the 30th of june , AM I AT RISK FOR Herpes?

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Thanks for sharing your story. I'm sure others can relate! 

The risk is there, but it is low. Herpes is spread through skin to skin contact, and uses saliva or body fluids as a means of "transportation" of sorts.

Saliva:  I am not a doctor but I would assume the chances of someone getting HSV from direct oral sex is greater than someone spitting into their hand and touching the person's genitals since there is skin-to-skin contact. 

Vaginal Fluid:  Similar to the answer above, skin-to-skin contact would likely be more of a risk factor than just the bodily fluids, since herpes does not live in body fluids (but instead may get into it as the fluid washes over the skin where someone has an HSV infection). 

I'm sure you are perfectly safe. Have you noticed any symptoms since you posted this? If you do notice anything, take note of it. In 12+ weeks you could go get a herpes IgG blood test to see if you have antibodies for it. However, if you have cold sores, you would test positive for HSV-1 (which 2/3 of the world has!). Don't worry, I am sure you are okay. 

If you have any others questions or need support, please reach out!

Sending prayers of peace and hapiness your way!

Be kind to yourself! 🙂 


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