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8 months... GHSV1 breakouts continuing

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Hi there, just trying to find a little hope here somewhere. I was diagnosed back in feb of 2022. First outbreak was't as bad as many have described. I feel lucky about that. However it seems that everytime that I have sex just once (or even masterbate three times in three days) i have to take antivirals to suppress a breakout.

is this something common? I use lube when masterbating and sex. I had just nearly finished a longish sexual encounter with my partner three nights ago and we had to stop as i could feel the outbreak coming on. it did show up very wuickly that night as i downed the antivirals. We haven’t been using condoms as we feel the ghsv1 risk is less lower than ghsv2 as long as i am clear of a breakout.


thoughts anyone? I hear that after a year in this kind of stuff lessens?

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I have seen it both ways on this website.  Some people have them frequently and some people have them very infrequently.  If the antivirals are working to help breakouts, I would maybe try taking them everyday as a suppressive medication.   I know my doctor told me that I only need to take the Valtrex when I feel a breakout coming on but she said that if I were to start having frequent breakouts, that they would start me on daily antivirals.  

Also, maybe look at things you are doing or eating that could possibly trigger a breakout.  I've read where some people trigger breakouts by drinking alcohol or having a not so healthy diet.  

Hope this was somewhat helpful 🙂 

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I hoenstly have only had a few outbreaks and things got better for me the further time has passed. I have has GHSV-1 since I was 19 (I am now 23). Keep the faith and be kind to yourself ❤️ It will get better and it will be okay! You are worthy of love and you CAN have a happy and healthy sex life, regardless of H! 🙂 



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Update at the year mark of my getting ghsv1. Still feels like every time i have sex or masterbate i end up with a near breakout. I am on valtrex 500mg daily. When i feel the tingling feeling on my genitalia (accompanied buy a redish circle at the tip of my penis) i up the dose to 1000mg twice daily. It’s happened a lot. Just sad i guess.

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Hey it all depends on your immune system. There is no pattern, rhyme or reason to the way this affects us. You read that some people with GHSV1 have one OB and that's it. Then you read people have daily OB for months. Some people have mild symptoms and some have debilitating nueropathy. I don't get OB'S but I have different neuropathic symptoms that affect my nervous system. 

This is not just a skin infection it is in our nervous system and depending on the the particular strain of virus we can each have similar symptom or totally different symptoms. Go figure?

He does your partner have OHSV1? 

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Thanks for your reply. My SO has OHSV1 but I still worry that she might get it genitally too. You hear so many so-called experts who say with conviction the HSV can't be this or be transmitted like that and everything else. Yet then there is reality that it does exactly the opposite to prove that the experts don't know everything about this and how it mutates. If they did they would have come up with a cure or better treatment by now.


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