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Herpes Symptoms Question

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So I recently had a one night stand with this girl I've been talking to. We kissed a lot and she performed oral on me, but no intercourse. 

Fast forward 1 week and I have a really bad sore throat and swollen lymph nodes on the right side of my neck only. I'm a hypochondriac and OCD so I immediately start thinking of the worst and googling (I know I shouldn't). 

One thing that kept popping up in relation to swollen lymph nodes is the possibility of HSV1 or 2 if you've recently been intimate with someone. I know swollen lymph nodes are often a symptom of HSV1 or 2, but is it possible that this on its own can be a symptom of HSV infection without the most common symptoms? or are swollen glands always accompanied by the more traditional symptoms, like blisters, etc. 

I have no signs of blisters (yet), but am concerned. Am I being too concerned, or should I get it checked out? 

Thank you. 

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You won't know if its herpes unless you have an outbreak that can get tested or you get a blood test.  I believe it is too early to get a blood test for this particular sexual encounter.  

It could be possible that you also got some sort of cold or mono from kissing.  I would maybe go get checked out by a doctor and see what they tell you. 

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Thank you for your reply Alli. 


So you are saying the sore throat and swollen glands on its own isn't considered an "outbreak"? and it's uncommon to experiences the flu-like symptoms without the actual visual breakouts of blisters etc? 



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I guess anything is possible but swollen glands and a sore throat doesn't sounds like an outbreak to me unless there are blisters associated with it.   It just sounds like a regular cold or flu.  When people have their first outbreaks, flu like symptoms are possible to have. 

If you don't have any lesions, cuts, or blisters in the next couple days, I would just assume its a cold or mono.  

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As someone with OCD and obsessive health tendencies, I completely understand your anxiety. I am so sorry you carry that burden; I know how exhausting it is mentally and eotionally. Rest assured that you are okay and everything is okay. You are safe. ❤️ 

It sounds like it could be one of many things, however more likely a flu or an upper respiratory infection. Have you had any other symptoms, and have your symptoms improved or worsened at all since you've posted this? Are you going to see a doctor? Also, when you look down your throat, do you see any spots or marks in the back of your throat? That would indicate an upper respiratory infection (strep throat, pharyngitis, tonsillitis, laryngitis, etc) which are very common and usually treated with antibiotics. Alli mentioned mono, which is very very contagious and often passed through kissing. Mono also usually involved being exhausted and wanting to sleep a lot. 

Regardless, head to the doctor and make sure you do not have something serious, such as COVID. And, if you have an at-home COVID test, try taking that, too! 

All is well and you are safe. ❤️ Stay kind to yourself! 🙂 

Sending happy and calming blessings and prayers your way! ❤️🙂 !!!


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Thanks so much for your reply, Grace and Alli. 

I've had no other symptoms besides a sore throat and swollen lymph nodes just on the right side of my neck, no sign of blisters. Today the pain has eased a little when I swallow, thankfully. 

When I look down my throat I don't see any spots, etc, which is what led me to thinking it might be something else. I guess where my anxiety rose from was the fact that these symptoms appeared 1 week after I had sexual contact, and one of the first things that popped up when you type in swollen lymph nodes, is the possibly of HSV. I wasn't sure if that on its own was a sign of HSV, or if those symptoms had to be accompanied by the traditional symptoms, such as blsiters, etc. 

Thank you for your thoughtful response, it is very much appreciated. 🙂 

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Google is the worst doctor. Swollen lymph nodes are a sign of many infections, and it's common to get sick after being with someone new, or it's a coincidence that you got sick a week after intimacy! I'd say monitor symptoms and keep an eye out. If you did contract H, you would most likely see blisters since you would be symptomatic (you are showing symptoms) so you would likely see an outbreak somewhere. 

Stay calm and be kind to yourself! 🌻

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@Flowerteacher55 I have been having symptoms as well and wonder if you can help. I hadn't had sex in over three years and was fine for the most part, except for a breathing issues. I had unprotected sex with someone in late October going into early November and since then I have been experiencing facial spams, shooting pains in my legs and buttocks, anal itching, itching everywhere, pains in my eyes, shooting pains in my spine and around my eye sockets, painful pressure in my penis and groin area, itching in the groin area, ringing in the ears, constant diarrhea, nausea, constant feelings of warmth and malaise. I even seemed to be losing control of my rectal muscles, and at times, I'm afraid I'm going to defecate on myself. These symptoms come and go. For almost two weeks straight, I've had regular night sweats. So far, there haven't been any obvious visible sores on my genitalia, but I notice that the skin is dry, white-ish and cracked. But I do see small bumps that look like irritation. I am also experiencing increased irritation in the face and have begun to break out in small random bumps like acne on my face, just a bump on my cheek, a few on my temple, and one on my chin near my goatee. And my lymph nodes in my jaw swell and get tender from time to time. My tongue tingles and crackles periodically but haven't had sores and I had one huge bump that was underneath my lip that was hard as rock, but it never burst open into a blister or a sore and is now getting smaller and it seems like it's crusting over (I'm not really sure). I have gotten checked for everything: Syphilis, Gonorrhea, Chlamydia, HIV, UTI, and HSV2, which all came back negative. But it's the electric, stinging, and tingling pain that's making me confident it's HSV.

Some say it may be HSV-1 but I don't have any cold sores, just dry and cracked lips.  Some say it's stress and anxiety, but I've been stressed on many occasions and never experienced this. I know they say the first HSV test can come back negative, especially if you're body has not built the necessary antibodies to fight off the HSV. So, I think that may be the case with me. I have extreme abdominal pain at times, and it feels like an infection is moving around in there, but I just took an endoscopy yesterday and all they found was mild gastritis. They took a biopsy to test for H. Pylori infection, but other than that, things were normal. I don't know what's going on, but do you think it could be a possible HSV infection?

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Hello @LosingHope!

I am so sorry for the late reply.

I am so sorry you are experiencing these scary symptoms. Some of them, such as the loose muscles of the rectum and stomach pain, and even the night sweats, align with the gastritis. I actually have gastritis right now, too! The cramps have been terrible and I am so bloated. I had terrible night sweats the past night and I keep getting heat flashes. Do you know if your gastritis is viral or bacterial? That can sometimes cause symptoms to be different. 

Are the bumps on your face filled with fluid? Do they hurt to touch? And, do they leave a scab when they are done healing? 

The tingling and pain sounds like it is associated with the nervous system. It is possible that you have two+ different diagnoses; the gastritis, possibly HSV, and/or something else.

Have any of your symptoms bettered or worsened since you posted this?

I am praying for you! ❤️ 



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The symptoms have come and gone on various occasions, but they've remained very present for the most part.  In regard to the gastritis, they did a biopsy and can't seem to find anything abnormal, so they referred me to a GI doctor. At that point, I knew it was nothing more than HSV and I have given up on fixing the problem. I also experience bad cramps and bloating, which I really with I could do something about. As far as the bumps, they're not filled with fluid but the one bump under my lip was extremely sore for a while. It's less painful now and has started to get smaller but has yet to disappear, which has kept me from shaving. It hasn't burst open or start to scab, which is also starting to worry me. I even tried a cold compress a week ago, but it didn'r do much. So far, that has been a huge blow to my self esteem as I like to keep my beard trimmed. 

I know that there is nothing I can do about it and I'm stuck with it, so I'm trying to make the best of it, but I'm not sure I can do this for the long haul. With antivirals not working for so many people and no possibility of a cure for the next 5 to 10 years, I don't know if I can remain strong about it for the rest of my life.

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