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I believe I had a primary genital OB and worried I've passed it to my child.

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I'm new here. I've recently had what I believe is my first genital OB. Four days after a couple days after protected sex I began to have some blistering.

The next day I had my daughter for the day and gave her a couple hello kisses on the mouth and cheek. I have not had an oral outbreak and it has been 18 days. But I'm very concerned because from what reading I have done oral HSV2 can shed a lot during a primary genital outbreak if there is also an oral infection that is asymptomatic.

Sorry for the long post. My life would just be over if I gave this to her. Just looking for advice/discussion or anything really. Thanks

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I am not diagnosed, but had a pretty clear but mild outbreak on the base of my shaft and it went away before I could see a doctor for a swab. I'm just worried that I may have exposed myself to hsv2 orally during the same encounter am wondering if the shedding risk is higher during a primary genital outbreak. I know there are a lot of question marks. I guess I need to wait some time for a blood test with no outbreak.

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Well HSV2 likes to stay in the genital region so having it orally is kinda rare but possible.  Since you were unable to get the outbreak swabbed, I would wait 12 weeks after the sexual encounter to get a blood test.  Are you having any type of symptoms in or around your mouth?  If not, then transmitting the virus ( if you have it orally) is a small chance. 

I am not sure if the shedding risk is higher during the primary outbreak.   I do know that the primary outbreak normally lasts awhile since your immune system and your body is trying to figure out what is going on.  My first outbreak lasted about 6 weeks with 2 rounds of Valtrex.  I would maybe go talk to a doctor and see what they suggest.  Sometimes the positive result will come back on a blood test before the 12 weeks. 

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I don’t want to add to the fear but speak from experience. My first couple OBs were genital and through foreplay it was spread to my chin. So I would say be cautious however if no OB there the chances for you are probably no. I had the OB pretty quick after contact on my chin. 
I can relate to the fear of spreading to kids. There has been some great support here but I will always live to protect them. Im very cautious in everything I do. 

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