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How to cook amaranth; what food to take backpacking now that nuts and chocolate are off the table

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Just diagnosed with HSV2.  Does anyone have information/recipes about how to cook Amaranth, which is a high lysine, low arginine food consumed as a side starch dish in place of rice and oatmeal which are low lysine, high arginine foods?  Any ideas for backpacking food as peanut butter, trail mix, dark chocolate with almonds and payday candy bars (peanuts!) have been staples for me in the past.  Has anyone cooked then dehydrated Amaranth and used as an oatmeal substitute (for backpacking)?  Thank you!!

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Sorry to hear about your new diagnosis. Happy to hear that you'll still be doing what makes you happy and healthy.

Have you checked with All Recipes? On line web site that you can plug in an ingredient and it will usually come up with some recipes. As for me,, I'm also HSV2 for 30+ years now. In my case I can eat anything, but choose to eat as healthy as possible. 

Good luck with that. Please keep us posted on your findings. I also like to hike and I try to load my pack with enough to get me through a night or two if I ended up getting stuck someplace. 

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Thank you for your response and sharing that you have been HSV2 positive for quite a few years and doing well!  I'll check out All Recipes as I cook and dehydrate most of my meals.    I don't know if I can eat anything I want without having an outbreak so I'll just be careful on this backpacking trip.  Perhaps experiment in a few months.  Beautiful pic!

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Thanks!    I made amaranth porridge yesterday.  Basically cook it for 20 minutes like oatmeal.  Poured some cow's milk on top with a little maple syrup.  The texture is similar to quinoa with a bit of a "grassy" flavor.    I'll now dehydrate and then see if it rehydrates easily with just boiling water.  I could definitely do this for breakfasts with powdered whole milk, dried chopped fruit, ghee and a little brown sugar.  Caloric density!  (might be a few weeks as I loaned my dehydrator to someone)    I also found an amaranth bar recipe that I'm going to try.  It calls for some almond flour (high arginine) so I'm going to try substituting a combo of whey protein powder (high in lysine) and potato flour.   :) 

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