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Ashamed and scared

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Hello all,

Im so glad I found this forum and hope it helps me. I just found out that I have contracted the herpes virus from a man I have been seeing over the last few months. I have always been so careful about my sexual life, until recently. I am a married woman who has been having marital problems. I ended up falling in love with another man. He and I began a relationship and as if my life wasnt complicated enough, this happened. I am scared. I have no idea what to expect. I have an outbreak of about 6 sores around my rear end area,but am scared to death it will show up anywhere else. I keep thinking I look dirty, and also do not know when to expect another outbreak. I am starting to heal....I think, but then again have no idea. I am itchy again near the same area, but the sores are healing. Im scared there is more coming already. I told my Husband who is aware of the affair. He is actually being supportive of this, but I cant see how. Will someone please help me understand herpes and how I can live a normal life? Like, can I still shave without spreading it? Can I give myself herpes of the eye if I rub my eyes? Can genital herpes be passed to the mouth of no sores are present? I have so many more questions! Please help!

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I have been living with herpes for two years now. I am not an expert, but i have done research on it. I shave, and it has not spread anywhere else so far. I am very very careful about washing my hands constantly, and if I have come into contact with any sores, i do not touch anything until I have washed my hands. But it is a possibility to spread herpes into the eye if you're not careful.

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Ihave had H for about 6 months now. When ifirst got diagnosed icried for weeks my ob was so bad that ihad them all the way from the front to the back of my genital area....covered in blisters. I don't shave until my ob are over with (which Ihate doing) but just how kseelarky said wash your hands before you touch anything!!! Living with H ihave learned to love myself even.more and learned to take better care of myself. Iforget ihave it all the time. One way to control it is to stress less iknow once istarted to stress iget ob. My "giver" caused so much stress for me that the 4 months iwas with him ihad ob after ob and the moment ibroke up with him ihavnt had any obs :). Your husband is supportive because he loves you!!!! My ex that ibroke up with before imet my giver came back into my life and wanted to get back together and before we started anything again itold him ihad contracted it and while icried he held me and said he loved me no matter what and that doesn't bother him because he loves me unconditionaly!!! We were together for a year and a half before we broke up and eventhogh we seperated for a couple months were about to celebrate 2 years April 1st. Keep your head up :) life still continues just think of it as a skin condition that's flares up once in awhile its really not a big deal :)

Much love,


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Sayywhatt...why do you hate shaving?? Im just nervous that it will either irritate the skin causing another OB, or spread the previous OB spot to a new more unpleasing one. Do your outbreaks usually occur in the same spots, or do they go to various different areas? Also, if I get oral sex while I do not have any symptoms, how common is it to pass it to the mouth? Thanks again for responding...iv got more questions coming!

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