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h diagnostics... please help me

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Hey all.. i really need your help please anything will help so lets get to it..

im a 24 year old uncircumsized male. In early september i had a hook up.. oral was unprotected but the sex was protected... few days later i noticed some little tiny red bumps around my penis head and foreskin.. immediately i thought the worst, but they never turn into blisters,ulcers, or ooze anything like that. They do randomly itch and sometimes i feel a little tiny pain not string enough to stop me from what im doing but definitely enough to notice it, but its completely random. Ive been to a std clinic 3 times and my primary care doctor 3 times all kept telling me its not h.. i tested at the std clinic for HIV, chlamydia, gonohrrea, hep c, and herpes swab and everything came back negative. Its been 3 months and i still get the redness and bumps after self pleasure, and i never use to get these after that. Still get the random itch and random pain.. my doctor told me a blood test would be a waste of time but i think i want it done anyway. Im begging you for your help and input my doctors kept telling me to forget about it and that ill be fine but i have no peace of mind whatsoever. I lose sleep and will randomly cry at the thought of what ive done..

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How long after appearance of these red dots did you have them swabbed? Bumps aren't as easy to get a good sample of viral DNA from vs an actual sore. How long has it been since you had contact w this individual when symptoms first appeared? Go to planned parenthood if it has been 4 months since contact and say (lie) that you had sores that hurt, but they cleared up quick and you want a type specific IgG Elisa blood test. Do you know if you have HSV 1, cold sores?

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I had them swabbed a couple days after i saw them. Theyve never turned into sores though just little bumps. Honestly i think i noticed them the day after the contact with that person i was hoping it was maybe a condom rash but it keeps coming back. I already have an appointment with planned parenthood on wednesday. I do not think i have hsv 1, i had one cankre sore from biting my cheek while eating but it kever spread or anything, and ive noticed my tongue feeling weird but no sores anywhere.

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Yeah ive been inpecting my mouth like crazy, but cant find anything. Its really just been all my genitals.. but im not getting these "classic lesions" just little red bumps that disappear in a couple days. Not really clusters, sometimes theres 1 2 or 3 around the same area but thats about it... no fluid in them, theyre not painful to the touch ill just feel random itches sometimes it feels like theres pressure in the penis head.. i just wish i knew what was wrong with me. Do you think 3 doctors could be wrong? 1 was a primary care but the other 2 were at the std clinic

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In all honesty, I think makes get blown off more than women do, because you guys don't have doctors specifically for your sexual health just in general, where you go and get tested every year just for wellness check. I think that's part of the problem tbh. I think you're just gonna have to try another doc at a PP and try to get then swabbed w in 48hrs if presenting.

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Have you ever tested for HSV 1 before? You don't have to ever had cold sores to have it. If you know for a fact, the blood test would help. Blood test won't tell you where the infection is, if it's HSV 1. It will help if it's HSV 2 but you'd need to wait 4 months post exposure for testing.


It is harder to get a good sample from just a bump, but it's not impossible either. Ht a high risk for a false positive, more than usual.


You don't have any irritation, tingling, oins and needles on your entire boxsr region and back of thighs? Nerve pain, nothing?

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I'm sorry if I repeat questions, but I spend hours on here answering posts and today, i've spent many hours on here and it's too time consuming answsering teh most recent posts, let alone and reading back on our entire thread. So you said you never went and had them swabbed with in 48hrs and the docs you asked to swab, refused to swab correct? Also, did you try PP? Next time you go in, don't spill all the details, they'll ignore you and think you're paranoid. Explain you had blisters previously and now you keep having recurrent red bumps after sex with someone, since those primary sores. This will at least make them feel they need to take you serious. If they ask why you didn't come in when you had blisters, just say you didn't think much of it and work wouldnt' let you get away. say you didn't become concerned, until bumps kept coming back after that episode. That's the only option you have at this point.


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No i have been swabbed but the bumps were never leaking or oozing any fluid so i dont think anything would have come up. They didnt refuse to test my blood they just didnt recommend it. Thats what theyre leaning towards though that im paranoid and my mind is making up symtoms. They said it doesnt look like h but why hasnt it gone away by now?

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