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hair loss/weight loss?


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I have been positive for 6 months. I took valtrex only during outbreaks at first then switched to daily. My hair started falling out...I stopped the meds a month ago and I'm still losing hair. I have also lost 30 pounds. I'm in the navy and my "doctor" is a real c***. When I first found out I asked her a simple question...she told me that you CAN'T transmit if there are no signs of outbreak. I told her I read that you could online...and she got all mad at me for "questioning" her knowledge. Outbreaks aren't bad for me. Usually I get one sore. (hsv2g). The thing that kills me are body aches and fever. I die for 2 to 3 days every month. This is really taking its toll on me. I feel weak, I have no medical to really talk too..oh yeah she even says screw patient confidentiality. :/ is there any advice for me?


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Ok, so you're taking the daily meds again still? If so, then you need to request for a different antiviral and see if that resolves the symptoms. Are you sure stress and/or depression is not the culprit ? If after. Taking those measures doesn't fix thing's, you need to request to see a rheumatologist or something.


Your doc is an idiot and being an army vet myself, military docs are the f'ing worst! They almost sent me home w meningitis and said it was a migraine, which I've never had in my life. Had a civilian doc said no,he wants to reevaluate me, I'd be dead. Don't expect super star medical care and advice. You can always print it from the CDC to show her asymptomatic shedding, so she cant say that its just stupid medical advice online.


Oh she does huh. Did you ask her what that's supposed to mean about patient confidentiality? Ask her to clarify and then state that it is HIPPA law and it needs to be escalated to her command, if she can't follow the law.

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Yeah I stopped taking it over Christmas break. Last week I asked her if there was another option besides valtrex and she said no. This is soo crazy. My body hurts soo bad that I can barely walk sometimes. Obviously I can't afford to go see a civilian doctor by myself...sometimes I do think that everything could be from depression but why waste my time telling her that? You know how military doctors always think that you are lying about stuff to try to get out of work.

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You have to request a different doctor. She's a liar and not doing her job. There are absolutely two other antivirals out there, besides valtrex. Yup, they think you're trying to be a profile rider to get out of PT and P tests. BBeen there and done that. You are allowed to request a new doctor. Based on your symptoms, I'm questioning if HSV 2 triggered an autoimmune response in you and you've developed and autoimmune diseases, fibromyalgia or chronic fatigue syndrome. This is why I say you need to ask to see another doctor, lie and say that your mom has autoimmune diseases, such as thyroid issues and RA. State that a friend was triggered by HSV 2 and developed chronic fatigue syndrome.. That you want to see a rheumatologist.

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That can be indicative of an autoimmune disease, but not alone. There has to be other tests ran, along w symptoms for the doc to diagnose you w one or more. It's quite a bit of blood wikr you have to go through. I have always been suspicious of being exposed to something in the military, along w a genetic predisposition, that triggered mine. I know 7 other people who have served who have autoimmune diseases and I definitely have my suspicions. I've done a tiny bit if research on it and have found others think the sand way, especially because of lupus being rare in med, but men who served have been coming up positive for it. My body doesn't handle H well at all, due to my autoimmune disease's and I had never experienced what I did when off meds since getting H in my life after doing 45mins to more of strenuous physical activity or even walking in a park for four hrs. It was a debilitating type of fatigue that made me nauseous. O slept 15hrs those times and took me two more days sleeping like that to feel back to normal. Once I went back on meds, that didn't happen to me. It told me that my body is struggling handling the virus on it's own w my autoimmune diseases. Graves disease is a thyroid issue and you tend to lose weight and hair on it. It can be difficult to diagnose and GPs will try to just test the T4 hormone and write you off if it comes back nor.al, which actually can mean nothing. My hormone level's came back normal, but you have to remember that they fluctuate. Although mine came back normal, I was having so many symptoms I pushed to get a diagnosis. They ran a thyroid antibody test on me and I had a very high antibody count againwmy thyroid and was told I was in full blown thyroid autoimmune failure, despite my hormones being normal. You can still experience the symptoms w normal hormone levels still, when your thyroid is being attacked.

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Np... I understand all too well, how stressing and alone you feel, when you experience unique and rare symptoms after getting H. I didn't get sick like you, but I did have neuropathy so severe my first OB, that I felt like a burn victim on my buttock, back of thighs and w shooting electrical pain to location of all the sores I counted, inside my vagina and rectum.. Oh and feet too! I had to take this horrendous medicine for 4 months to treat my nerve pain (anticonvulsants). My nerves have never quite been the same, but I don't have pain anymore.. Maybe discomfort and tenderness mildly sometimes, but that's it. Still, I am unable to control H really.


Btw, when you get sick monthly like that, have you noticed a pattern if it is happening before or during your period?

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