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Paper cut symptoms

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For those who get the paper cut symptoms.. Do yours show up in the exact same spot every time? Do they also show up during the time of your period? Just wondering , please share. Thank you :)

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When I had my outbreaks, (haven't had one in a long time thanks to Valtrex), mine were like papercuts and they were always in the same spot and usually the wk of my period or the day after I had sex. I went 7 mths without knowing I had hsv2, and had been misdiagnosed twice by urgent care and by planned parenthood. I unfortunately had spread it to my current fiancé before I even knew I had it. Herpes is sneaky like that. We were both diagnosed at the same time and both currently take Valtrex daily. It's been a lifesaver. Hope this helps and good luck...

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@sadpanda I have the paper cuts type ob. After my initial OB I noticed the skin where they were was more red and delicate if you will but the cuts closed up by the end or April beginning of May.


I just had sex for the first time since we found out in April. Immediately after I checked the mirror bc I felt pain in the beginning. I am torn and cut open along the same spots.


I take acyclovir daily. I'm so happy to see your valtrex is working well.


. Do you experience tearing in the same area after sex?

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@Yogini25, I *did* have papercuts in the same spot each time after sex, but not after starting Valtrex over a year ago. I haven't had anymore cuts or lesions. I've had outbreak symptoms here and there, but rarely and they are very mild. Never an actual outbeak or lesion anymore. Since both me and my fiance have had the gamut of Std tests and both are clean except for hsv2, we have switched to lambskin condoms and those have been a lifesaver as well. I've always had irritation issues (even before herpes), and have tried almost every kind of condom and lube you can think of. They smell weird, but I've had zero issues with lambskin. No irritation, no papercuts, nothing. My vagina is finally at peace. Lol. Lambskin aren't recommended for Std protection as they are porous, just pregnancy protection. But I believe making the switch to those, organic natural lube, and daily Valtrex have all worked together to keep things content down south.

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Awsome. It's good to know that you don't experience that anymore. It's definitely not a fun result of sex. My partner and I waited forever and low and behold I tore all along the same lines. I am on and have been on acyclovir. So I am hoping this is just slow healing and we had sex too soon. But lube is a good idea thanks so much!! It's so great being able to seek advice and talk openly with people on here :)

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