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My H journey has been a little more complicated than it should've been - lots of unusual symptoms, fatigue, rashes, digestive and nerve problems which have generally been fading over 2 years or so. I just assumed I was one of the unlucky ones whose immune system went crazy, and started to work on reducing stress.


This morning I just had a thought.. When I was first diagnosed with H, I also came back positive for Chlamydia, so the nurse gave me a strong blast of antibiotics - 2 large pills at the same time.


"A round of antibiotics permanently changes the immune system, as it indiscriminately kills bacteria. Since the good bacteria is killed along with the bad bacteria, the body’s ability to manufacture appropriate immune cells is altered."


I'm thinking the antibiotics basically put a big strain on my immune system in the early days of building antibodies against hsv and that's why my body overreacted in the long term. Wondered if other people who've had a rough time of H could relate.



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Hey Sil88,


I recently got diagnosed with HSV 2 and was put on antibiotics as well as Acyclovir and I think that the combination of the two weakened my immune system and also gave me constipation which in turn caused piles! I am now taking probiotics once daily (not the milky type drink from the supermarket but the stuff you get from the health food shop) along with Vitamin D3 and Vitamin B12. I am also taking L-Lysine but am considering stopping taking that just to see if my body can supress the virus by itself as I would rather take the Lysine if/when I have my next OB. I've only had my initial OB so far and don't want to be overmedicating myself if my body can cope by itself with the aid of the vitamins and probiotics.


Have you tried any of the above vitamins or the probiotics at all?

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I'm not clued up on health supplements, but I've been taking a vitamin C and vitamin D tablet each day, and try to regularly eat biopot yoghurts. Another funny coincidence - I mentioned I started having digestive problems.. well, constipation wasnt one (although ive heard acyclovir can dehydrate a lot - you're supposed to drink extra water) but I did have a minor case of piles. I agree with you about not overmedicating though, I'd rather train my body to fight it effectively in the long term..

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