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  1. Anybody know how soon after starting Acyclovir suppressive treatment it's safe to have sex with a partner? Thanks
  2. Hey, you remind me of myself. 4 years ago, I caught hsv2 from a girl who didn't tell me or didn't know. I had the exact feelings you are describing, which amplified the depression and anxiety I already had. We tried to develop the relationship, but this week I realised it was built on sand and it's fallen away. So now I'm sat with my dog in my room too.. it's funny how they know. You don't seem overdramatic - in fact, it seems like you've taken it in your stride (at least, more than I did). Let me tick off the things that did or did not help in my experience. I told a couple of friends, but it was quite soon.. so at the time, I was over-reacting and I probably described it in the worst way possible. Pros are - it's good to get it off your chest, and the occasional Walking Dead joke is appreciated. Cons are - at first, they're ignorant and check it's okay to share food and stuff (revise your facts first). And think twice if you may want them to set you up with one of their friends in future. Relaxation - it's probably good that you're already dealing with mental health stuff, since you may have practiced relaxation techniques, mindfulness, CBT etc. As you'll have read, the virus thrives on stress so it really makes a difference. Hot baths, an exercise routine, and actually giving some thought to eating healthily did the trick too. The feeling gross bit faded pretty quickly, I wouldn't worry about that. At first I was hyper-hygienic, but as outbreaks become much less common (hopefully), you tend to forget. I'm not sure what direction is right for you, but for the time being you just get to the end of each day/week until you're firmer on your feet. Finally, the symptoms can be weird..especially combined with generic anxiety ones.. so don't get too imaginative if you do notice any. Anyway, keep on top of it - I suspect you'll realise a lot of the questions you have were there before herpes, you just needed it to bring them into focus. There are actually some positives to catching this - I mean, even when dating (when you feel like it), it's an opportunity to prove your integrity, honesty, communication skills and show a little vulnerability. Outside of dating, it's a kick up the ass to fix things and you may grow more independent. Whatever doesn't kill you..
  3. Hi - sorry, I'll leave the menstrual advice to the ladies.. but I've read it's almost impossible to catch oral hsv2 - is it noticeably worse than your average coldsore? Did you have a swab sample taken from your mouth? *Ignore me, I found your thread*
  4. Give yourself time to heal and relax. It becomes insignificant I promise. There's a billion people with this and most of them rightly couldnt care less. The beginning is manic because of the stigma - once you get past that point you'll realise. If you're really at the bottom, forget about you and your problems and think of others you can help in any little ways - shift the attention off the herpes thing for a while.
  5. Don't act on anything during the shock phase. Come on - yes it's a shocker when you find out, but as time passes you get better and return to normal life. The chances of sharing the virus shrink from very low to extremely low. For now, just get to the end of each day, treat your body well and most importantly - chill! Settle your mind any way you can - hot baths, jogging, walk the dog through some woods, hell.. listen to storm or ocean loops on YouTube. It's strongest at the start, and it feeds on stress which you're clearly feeling.. so every day after this one will get better.
  6. Ah this is the issue with HSV - it's tempting to go without disclosure, especially if you actively suppress it with the meds... but the stance on this forum is to always disclose. I live in the UK and most doctors and nurses told me I don't need to disclose - they won't even run tests for it unless you go to a private clinic or you have a blister to swab. I suppose the longer you leave it, the more difficult it becomes to address. So although I wouldn't condone your wife's decision to keep it secret, I can understand how it can happen. Sort've endearing that she said fever blisters out of shame - shows what an effect the stigma can have. HSV is blown way out of proportion, so I'm glad you've come to a forum to address it.
  7. I didn't see or read anything suggestive of herpes, and I'd say you've dealt with it thoroughly enough to deserve a rest mentally. The single pimples, ingrown hairs or little rashes are so common.. and I know from personal experience that once you start examining your own body daily, you will find a lot of things that usually go under the radar. Lymph nodes were an obsession of mine, an album stuffed with photos of dots or scratches.. I realised that probably half of my symptoms were caused by the stress I was causing myself. Having said that, there's a chance you could have picked up a random insignificant virus that triggered allergic reactions. If you can live with it, and accept that it's not the dreaded herpes, I would hope that your body (or mind) will adjust and overcome them in time like it has for me. Btw, I'm not being dismissive by mentioning anxiety, just have a read of what people post on here: https://www.nomorepanic.co.uk/forumdisplay.php?f=29
  8. Hey benzgtx - I had the same tingling in hands and feet, and like you I made a note of little changes that would normally go under the radar (like your dry patches and whitehead). I literally counted the barely-visible 'cherry angiomas' over my body every day - I didn't know what they were either. Things like this and the tingling used to send me into panic, and if you google the symptoms of anxiety they all match up. I can't say whether it was my mind or the virus, but it was about 4 years ago and I'm pretty much all good now. If life is too short, then so is herpes - just gotta get on with the good times.
  9. Hang on - before you get to the big questions about a herpes future.. These two bumps - are they fluid filled blisters? You will need to swab them on Wednesday if you want a clear answer, but they may have healed by then. The other symptoms you described are really generic. There's no point worrying, but if you have to then at least wait for absolute proof. In the worst case, it's not that bad anyway.
  10. Yes, for a couple of years - fine after that. Possibly as much to do eith anxiety around that time... One time I woke up and my whole leg was tingling and I couldnt move it. Everyone reacts differently to hsv!
  11. Bossed it, well done! The rest is up to him, in the meantime I just wouldn't rush things. Manc as in someone from Manchester btw?
  12. So herpes testing is quite shady. There's a chance it could be a false result, but after running 3 tests and being negative it's about time you hung up the gloves. You've acted overly responsibly, and now you should give yourself a break. What are you getting out of worrying about it anymore? I've been in a similar spot after I was positively diagnosed. I thought I'd developed some neuro disability or cancer and was about to die any moment, wasted a fair amount of professionals time. What a waste of time amd energy that whole thing was. Tingling/burning is one of the most common effects of health anxiety. And I imagine youre stretching that skin 100 times a day which could cause the tiny tears. This thread was handy for me: http://www.nomorepanic.co.uk/showthread.php?s=dde3f5dcdd13e008ab5f0e1caf38c41a&t=42556
  13. Sorry about the news.. youll be fine though. Did they tell you if its type 1 or 2? Thats key. If its 2, youre pretty safe to give oral.. especially since his infection is unlikely to be recent. If its type 1, you might want to give it a few months until you build up antibodies to suppress that b. After a few months, youre very unlikely to catch it in another location. At least thats my understanding.
  14. Give yourself a break - you're under a lot of stress and this isnt a big deal. Plus, there's nothing you can do. In fact it could be better that he gets it young, his immune system will have a long time to develop. As for sources, could also be aunties/grandmas/girls at daycare, but what does it matter? Like optimist said, 70% of adults get hsv1 - it's part of growing up for 7 in 10 people.
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