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Not sure what to do- high chance my symptoms are herpes

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Hey guys. Im gonna give you a timeline and i was hoping for some opinions on if i should go get checked or not.


About 2 weeks ago i had sex with a guy who ive been on and off with for like 2 years.

I knew that at a point sometime in the last 4 months he was with a girl i know who does have herpes. But she didnt tell him. He freaked out and went and got tested and was negative and wasnt with her again because she had no intention of being honest during breakouts ect.

Well i guess i didnt do my research. He was "negative" so i went for it.

So this is two weeks later. And yesterday my throat and head started hurting and i started running fever. My fever has been spiking over and over since then. I feel so ill in general. My first thought was strep. But i dont have the classic white spots on my tonsils.

Then i realized ive been itchy since yesterday as well. I dont have any sores that i know of yet. And the itching is kinda on and off and mild at this point. I dont know if im just being paranoid but i feel like something is off. I think i need to go to the doctor but im unsure if i should see my obgyn or urgent care or what.

Is there a good chance i could be positive even when he tested negative? He hasnt had any symptoms. Im terrified and dont really want to talk to him about it

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@panda704 Given how many people have genital herpes and don't know it, I think it's best to assume all of your casual sex partners have at least been exposed at one point or another. I say this because it sounds like the knowledge of him having an encounter with one HSV+ woman has sort of put you on high alert for symptoms. In reality, probably 1/3 of the women he sleeps with have genital herpes and 2/3 have oral herpes which can be transmitted to genitals of uninfected partners.



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