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Prodromal symptoms?

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When I was first diagnosed over a year and a half ago, my primary outbreak was hellacious in terms of how sick it made me. The high fever, severe headaches, nerve pain, hip pain, shoot---overall body pain! Since then I haven't had any outbreaks but I thought I was prodromal a few times (sudden itching/irritation), took my valtrex, and nothing ever came of it. Now here I am, and over the past three days I've had terrible headaches, body aches, hip pain, fever... and def prodromal down there starting today. Wth?! I thought I was only supposed to get these symptoms the first time?! I have zero other signs of illness, and called my gyno who told me to double up on my first dose. Anybody else have this? I mean I'm grateful that I've been pretty asymptomatic until this point without the usage of daily meds (doc wanted to see how things played out rather than put me on maintenance). So I'm curious, anyone else run into this? Is it completely abnormal to have these symptoms even after the primary?

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Not sure, am curious what others have to say about this. But I think bottom line is herpes does not always follow clear rules. General guidelines, yes -- but viruses are tricky. You could be having prodromal symptoms and dealing with something else creeping in on your immune system like another virus or a bacteria. Or it could be a HSV flare up with some symptoms that you also had during the initial.


Watch sugar intake (sweets and alcohol for sure -- some people even have a hard time with sweet fruit) during times like these as pathogens in your body feed off sugar like crazy.

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