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Need help with learning more about this & knowing I'm not alone. Please Help.

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I recently was diagnosed with herpes simplex, I have it on my vagina which I thought was to be a cut

From rough sex turns out it's not. My body as been on a world wind it feels like, I'm very sick I very really get sick

But when I do it the worst. Currently just received my first medication and today is the day I start my full dose.

I'm also on my period along with this dreadful pain. I am hot cold, numbing in my foot I feel sometimes, my arm feel

Asleep last night while sleeping might have been sleeping on it, not sure. Anyway I'm just very scared and nervous I feel like I am dying I know a lot of people have this virus and it's common but I'm honestly freaking out and really need some help

If anyone can please talk to me and calm me down a bit about it all please I would greatly appreciate it so much!


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@EmilyLove00 -- sorry to hear you're having what sounds like a rough outbreak. How were you diagnosed? Blood test or did they swab the spot on your vagina? Do you know if you have HSV-1 or HSV-2? Basically you have a skin condition that amounts to periodic cold sore(s) on your genitals. It's like getting cold sores on your mouth, except down there. If this is your first outbreak ever, then it is the reason you feel so lousy. The longer you have it, the better your immune system is able to handle it.


Whatever type you have, herpes has been around for thousands of years and a huge percentage of the world population has it. The first outbreak is nearly always the worst one, so it should get better from here on out. The challenge with herpes is that a ton of people have it, but not all these people know it. So they can spread it to others extremely easily since they are often not taking precautions to prevent the transmission.


I would recommend you read the following guide made by Terri Warren, an US-based herpes expert. It will help educate you on herpes. https://www.westoverheights.com/herpes/the-updated-herpes-handbook/


Not sure of your personal situation, but if you are worried about disclosing to partners, there is LOTS of information on how to do this in a confident, accurate, and positive manner. I can point to several examples of people on here (and other forums) who have genital herpes and they are having anything from casual sex, to standard dating/relationships, and getting married with acceptance from their partners.

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Hi @surfsup thank you so much for your reply! I am currently waiting on my blood results from my Gyno but went to MD now for the fevers and freaking out myself even more and they gave me medication for herpes simplex so I don't know exactly which one I have yet. I go to the doctor tomorrow for my blood test results, I'm praying for the best, but it is what it is.


Currently having the worst breakout ever! My first one ever and iv never felt like this before in my life, very sick. I just feel like I'm itchy everywhere feet legs back shoulders eyes mouth, I think I'm just freaking myself out more then I need to but I can't help it. I just feel like complete dirt. I just pray it gets better all I can do I guesss.


I currently have been with my lover my boyfriend for 4 years! I am guessing I have had the virus and no breakouts until now.. as many people have the virus and never know they have it, although I go to my doctors more then the most and get tested frequently they don't test for herpes unless you have symptoms, ( I guess so you don't freak out ).. I'm not sure but just makes me unweary. I have told my boyfriend and he is so supportive and tells me everything's going to be alright and to not worry ( that helps but I need people who have this let me know I'm going to

Be okay)


Feeling very sad depressed emotional, just glad to know I'm not the only one and that's there's millions of people facing this everyday. That helps, but still I feel so scared, once I know more I guess I won't feel as scared. Maybe worry less too.. I hope for my stress sake. I have been stressing which I guess makes it worse.


Anyway I guess I'm just freaking myself out more then inneed to any advice on how to handle this I have been just laying around not eating which I have to start eating today as I have medication to take! I just have no appetite at all, which I know is not good. Thank you again for wrighting and listening I appreciate it so much !

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@EmilyLove00 -- ahh, so they made a diagnosis off your symptoms and visually checking you out then? Well, depending on when you contracted it, the proper blood test (IgG) may not show up as positive until up to 12 weeks after catching it. Do you know if they swabbed any of your sores? That is way more accurate if you contracted herpes recently.


If you've been with your boyfriend for 4 years, it is possible it took all these years for you to contract it. It really just depends on how often he sheds the virus. And you're right about why doctors do not test for herpes very often. The CDC guidelines are to not test unless there is a suspicion of infection. I guess they figure all these people have it, and it isn't affecting many of them, and they say it can't be cured, so they don't want a lot of people to deal with the baggage of knowing and running to their doctor if they aren't breaking out. It's a loaded situation that people like to debate, but we'll keep the thread focused on you :-)


Is this all a surprise to your boyfriend? Does he know for sure if he has herpes? He should be tested if he hasn't, so he can know his situation for 100%. Odds are from what you're telling me, if you do have herpes (which we'll trust the doctors for now, but I hope you don't of course), then it sounds like you got it from him recently. It may have just taken many years for him to spread it.


Yes, you'll be ok. You'll want to watch your diet during outbreaks, and if you feel another one coming on. Less sugar, alcohol, fried foods, etc. For some people too many nuts can cause an outbreak. Good sleep and managing stress is your friend as well. Millions and millions of people have herpes and it is unfortunate for sure, but you'll get through it. It's okay to feel shitty though, you have to process things. It's great your boyfriend is so supportive.

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Yes they took a look down there and in my mouth as we did oral after sex, she says she doesn't see anything in my mouth or anything but I still think I have it there too, ( paranoid ) maybe but they took a look and prescribed me and I just started today. When I went to my doctor last wee day what I thought was for a cut or my vagina she took a swob and I also did blood test the next day! I just couldn't wait for the results as it's a weekend and there closed so I went to MD now for my symptoms and explained to them I was freaking out and wanted to catch it now rather then later.


My boyfriend is deffintly going to get tested , he just doesn't have insurance so we may go to MD now for him as well. He doesn't seem as worried but we are deffintly going to go. Yes he's very supportive and I just can't thank him enough for that.


Yes is there any foods that maybe I should be eating I know healthy but I just don't seem hungry and nothing seems appealing, I just ate a yogurt with some strawberries and bananas.. for breakfast and took my first pill of and I have to take 4 of them daily this will be my first day taking them. If you don't mind me asking, what medication you take and if you continue your medication or only take one with an outbreak...


I personally rather take a pill everyday to prevent this from happening again as I am in the worst pain and feeling in my intirer 22 years of living. I just can't believe all this to be honest I guess I'm still in such shock.. ):


Again I am so thankful for people like you to be talking me threw something like this it makes me feel not alone and that someone is there for me!




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I do not take any anti-virals for herpes. I hope I never have to. I'm really into natural approaches though, so I am kind of biased :-) When I think I had my primary outbreak, I did not think it was herpes. And 3 months later I have not had any outbreaks, so fingers crossed.


Sounds like they gave you the dosage to deal with an outbreak, and then go from there. It's totally your call, but you might want to try and go without daily anti-virals and see how you do. This will help your body build up more natural defenses against the virus, as opposed to relying on the anti-viral drug. Especially if your boyfriend has it, it isn't like it matters about passing it to each other now.

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Oh yeah, food wise. Just try to eat non-processed foods if you can. IE - rice, quinoa, veggies, meats, beans, fruits, etc. As opposed to cookies, cakes, granola bars, sugary cereals, etc. If you feel like crap, soups might help you. Or smoothies might be soothing as well. Garlic and ginger are REALLY good for you, and you can make ginger tea by buying fresh ginger, chop it up into little pieces (peel if you want), and then boil it for 5-10 minutes. If you can't do it without sweetener, a little honey can do the trick.

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Yeah no medication you must be the lucky one.. I feel this break out is the worst thing ever and I don't every want to go threw it again that's why I said that I would continue taking the meds to prevent another but I understand why I shouldn't relie on them.. just don't want to go threw this pain and sadness and depression again.. I'm usually very up beat happiest girl around... but since this just not the same I'm trying to tell myself I'm going to be okay but I guess it's hard when everything is just so unknown... & yes he will be getting checked very soon, but for some reason I feel as though he might not have it I pray he doesn't. But if I have it is it more then likely he has it too? My fingers are so crossed for you and pray you never go threw a breakout.. I have read a lot and some people only have one out break... but idk I guess I'm just worried.. Smoothes do sounds good about now :)! &&& soup to actually I might get chicken noodle ! Thank you so much for continuing to talk it really helps me calm down about everything going on.

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No worries! If you guys have been the only sexual partners you guys have had for 4 years, then I'm guessing he has it. Either that he had it first, and you got it from him, or vice versa. But since it sounds like this is your primary infection, my best guess is that you got it from him. Do you get cold sores on your mouth? That is usually an oral form of Herpes Simplex Virus type 1.


And thank you for thinking about me! If you are normally a happy, up-beat person then that is great for you because I think having a positive attitude will really help you move forward through this diagnosis and help you keep your stress levels lower which then in turn helps you have fewer outbreaks.

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Thank you! We will find out soon enough if he has it until then we are both okay and everything's going to be alright we are here for each other and that's all that matters! Either way who gave it to who! && I'm sure iv had a cold sore before during cold either or in the hot sun to long while younger I'm not prone to them or get them a lot but yes I have had them before! I feel as though everyone has had a cold sore once before ! && yes I usually am but this has me down and out I just want everything to be okay. I know it says you can live a normal and healthy life have babies and do everything normal.. I just want someone's else story to know it's okay and we will be fine. Just the resurrance of it all.. cause this is very overwhelming.. to say the least. You only had one break out ? How long did it last ? What did you do for the pain what did you do really were you sad and depressed how are you feeling now as how long has it been?

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I have not had sores on my genitals, but I have HSV-2 which 98-99% of the time is on the genitals, and 1-2% of the time can be in/on the mouth. The sickness I had was a week after sex with a new partner and it felt like a really bad strep throat, so I didn't think it was herpes at the time. I am 95% certain now that it was my primary infection. It's just tricky though, because I had no sores on my genitals, and if I had it down there, it's likely I would know because I was so sick with symptoms in my mouth/throat.


My worst symptoms were body aches, fever, headaches, and sore tonsils/throat. I took tylenol because the headaches were so bad, but honestly it didn't help. I just rested and waited it out. All together I was sick for around 2 weeks.


I was diagnosed a month ago via IgG blood test (do not bother with IgM) and it has been a roller coaster, but I am generally at peace with things now. Honestly, I just try to surround myself with positive information, positive people, and just live my life. I am in a different situation than you as I am a single guy who likes casual sex, so initially I was very concerned about wanting to not pass this onto partners and how do I disclose it. I've been focusing on myself and getting really healthy, so I haven't had sex in the last month, but I am ready to get out there very soon once I finish a few more things :-)

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Aww well we are different situations but I guess similar in a way! I'm glad yours cleared up and you are living good , and so happy to hear one outbreak! I pray the same for me! I don't know if your aloud to say this but iv never been one to turn to medication as I am all about the herb haha If you know what I mean ! But I know I must take this medication to help me and to Heal my body! I just guess I can only pray I only have one outbreak and continue to stay strong. I think I read that you live and Thialand !! I live in Florida ! Lol crazy we can talk around the world and I'm jus so happy you message me back I appreciate it so much deffintly has calmed me down!

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Yeah, you'll be fine. The medication should help. See how you feel after and then you and your doctor can decide if you need it further. Hopefully you don't!


One of the main reasons some people take the medicine is to help lessen the chance of passing it to a partner. So obviously if you and your boyfriend both have the same types of herpes, then you don't have to worry about passing it back and forth.

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@surfsup I was just reading where you had the horrible "illness" associated with a primary outbreak, and I wanted to chime in. :) I had the same flu-like symptoms with my primary outbreak, I was down and out for I don't know how long, all the symptoms you've listed, and I was miserable. I don't know for certain what type of herpes I have, I'm assuming it's HSV2, but I do know that my outbreaks are genital. I'm just thinking that it's quite possible you have HSV2 genitally, but without symptoms. The sore throat and all that you mentioned, were part of my primary outbreak of genital herpes. The difference being I had actual lesions in my lady bits... Hehe

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@EmilyLove00 Like you, I prefer not to take prescription medications. I like a more natural approach. A year or two after I contracted HSV, I did go on suppressives because I had very frequent outbreaks. I'm sure there were a lot of factors contributing to the outbreaks, the main one being massive amounts of stress. I've had HSV for close to 15 years now, and I only took the meds for a short time. Now I take L-Lysine, Zinc, Magnesium, Vitamin C, a B vitamin complex, among others. Many of these help boost the immune system. The short time I took the suppressives helped in a few ways. They lessened the amount of outbreaks, lessened the intensity of the pain and itching, and shortened the duration. Being 15 years in, I don't get outbreaks very often anymore. I've had I think three in the last three years, and they've been quite mild.

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Hi @lollyann76 ! Thank you for messaging me , I am my first ever break out the pain hurst and I'm sick flu like symptoms are the worst I lay in bed and researching and reading all I can do! Did you have a break out down below ? If so what did you do for the pain and what medication did you take I'm on my first day and I just want this all to go away, I'm actually thinking of continueinh to talk medcation still just so this doesn't happen again ): ! I know i need to build my immune system but I just don't want to go threw this pain and feelings again , does it get better ? I heard the first is the worst ? Is that true ? If you love with herpes now does your partner have it ? I have sommnay questions If your up for talking... thank you in advance

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@EmilyLove00 Thank you for sharing your story! I just found out I have HSV-2 on January 5th and it has been an extreme roller coaster. At first I thought I had a yeast infection but then I got a really strange bump at the base of my vagina. I went to the doctor and the took some cultures and tested me for STDs (not including the Herpes test). Everything came back negative and my issues disappeared. Two weeks later I noticed a cluster of blisters and felt like I had the flu. I went back to the doctor immediately and they tested me for herpes. The test came back positive for HSV-2. I was immediately put on antivirals but they only helped slightly. I had excruciating pain up my spine and extreme headaches for another week. The symptoms all went away for a week and then came back with a vengeance. More blisters, a rash, fiery itching, and pains from my hips to my knees. I decided to do suppressive therapy for 6 - 12 months since my initial outbreak was so extreme and I continue to have reoccurring breakouts every time I stop taking the medicine. I've heard it can take some people up to a year to build adequate antibodies to deal with the virus. I NEVER take medicine and I'm a big promoter of natural healing but this was so unbearable, I had no choice. I just wanted to let you know that there was someone out here who could relate to your experience. I have yet to tell anyone what I am going through and I haven't seen the guy I was "casually dating" for weeks out of fear of disclosing. I'm still trying to adjust to the fact that I have a lifelong virus. I've been extremely anxious and depressed. So much so that I have nightmares. I'm hoping this will all calm down over time and I'm trying to be patient with my body and my emotions. I know this doesn't determine who I am but I need time to prepare to face the world with this new part of my life.

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@Emilylove00 -- if both you and your partner have the same kind of herpes then it comes down to each of your own immune systems dealing with the virus. Now where it gets tricky is if say your BF has HSV-2 genitally, but also HSV-1 orally and you only have HSV-2 genitally (this is all hypothetical for example purpose), then he could still -possibly- give you HSV-1. That's why it is important both of you guys get tested, but remember your blood tests can take up to 12 weeks after infection to show antibodies. Swab testing of sores is accurate early on though.


For examples sake again, if both you guys have let's say genital HSV-2, then you guys can have all the sex you want without worrying about passing anything. There are things that can trigger another outbreak, but this is not the same as anything like "getting reinfected". The herpes virus stays in your system for the rest of your life, per science at least, and when it is not active you will not notice it. When it gets triggered though, it comes out in its active state and this is when it usually shows sores on the genitals, mouth, etc.


Herpes can also transmit in between outbreaks which is called asymptomatic shedding. So if there are future sexual partners for you, and they do not have herpes, then you want to take precautions to avoiding transmitting it to them.


The link I sent you will cover all this in-depth.


@Lollyann76 -- it sucked didn't it? Thanks for sharing. Did you have the swollen lymph gland(s)?

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@EmilyLove00 I had horrible outbreaks, yes genitally, for the first year or two. Keep in mind that I was not on medications of any kind at the time and I was under a LOT of stress. I had at least one outbreak each month, usually more. It DOES get better. As your body adjusts to having the virus, I suppose. I didn't know much at all about herpes, except for the horrible stigma associated with it. I was married at the time, and contracted it from him unknowingly. It took me a LONG time to forgive and heal all of the emotional wounds from it. Unfortunately, I'm now single and find it very difficult to disclose to potential partners, so I'm trying to heal emotionally from it all over again. (I will say that I had protected sex with someone for two years, without suppressive medication, and he did not contract the virus.) Taking the medication is an entirely personal decision, and I see absolutely nothing wrong with doing so! As time goes on, your body will most likely be better equipped to handle the virus without the need for the suppressives.


@surfsup Yes, it sucked horribly! Lol And I had NO idea that it was herpes. I had been battling what I *thought* was the world's worst yeast infection when I also came down with what I thought was the flu. And yes, I had the swollen lymph glands. I had it all. At the time, I could have sworn I was dying, I was so miserable!

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@lollyann76 thank you for your response, I also felt like i was dying and freaked myself even more out so just went to the clinic and had them check and have them proscribed me something so it wouldn't worsen by the time I got my blood work and swob back! I'm thankful to received the medication just can't wait till it kicks in and I can get back to normal life ..

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