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Famic not appearing to help

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Hi Everyone,

here i am again worried about my transmission potential. It rules my life, like i'm 24/7 paranoid about it.

I take suppression therapy daily 250mg twice daily, as well as lyp-sine. I always take precautions with sex. my first 8 months were outbreak free, my initial outbreak so minor the drs weren't convinced, literally 1 red spot that looked like an ingrown. the last 12 months however, i have had maybe 15 or more outbreaks. The never last long, a few days at best. 1 or 2 blisters come up, pop and heal over within a few days. I usually get a heads up with pain in my left leg like deep muscle and the visual blister. I guess i should be grateful thats the extent of it, but the repitition is getting to me.


I'm in the beginning stages of a new relationship. He knows of my condition and has his reservations with it which would be a lot more fine if i wasn't feeling like i'm breaking out. I know he's not ready to deal with herpes yet so i have faked a period to cover my current outbreak.


is there anything i can do further to get this under control. I have had a couple months break and now, 2 outbreaks 7 days apart. Its gotten to the point of a really negative mental state and i am at wits end.

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I agree. Try something else that might be more compatible for your body. I've tried Acyclovir & Valtrex and I prefer Valtrex. I've currently decided to do suppressive therapy to prevent outbreaks because they say it can take 6-12 months for your body to build antibodies for the virus and the outbreaks to lessen. I was diagnosed in January. I'm going to do suppressive for 3 months and then see if I can slowly come off suppressive and go to episodic.

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