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More Outbreaks Than Normal

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Hey guys and gals!


This may be a repeat question, but wondering if I can get some advice. I'm a 35yr old female and have had HSV2 for about 4.5 years now. It seems in the last 2-3 months, I've had WAY more outbreaks than normal (for me). After my first year I never really got any outbreaks except for once or twice a year, and they were pretty mild. Recently, something has been feeling "off" about every other week, with the appearance of either a sore, broken skin, or even what looks like small paper cuts. Also more itching than I'm used to. What gives??


Now, a few back story things: Up until last week I was dating a great guy briefly, who knew about and was completely fine with and accepting of my Herpes (we sadly had to break up due to scheduling issues). He mentioned that his ex had HSV1 (oral). Now, I don't think he was ever tested for HSV1 (He was tested right before we started dating, and his results showed everything except HSV - he showed me the print out so I'm assuming it's not another STD), but we used protection and avoided all contact during any of my issues, and he never had a cold sore or any similar symptoms. I know that isn't a 100% guarantee of anything, and there is still a chance it could be HSV1, but I would assume the possibilities of me getting HSV1 (genitally) are less without symptoms present? Plus, I believe my issues started around the time we met if not slightly before.


Second, I've been incredibly stressed over the last few months with work, and I've had some other skin issue flair ups (eczema and random hives patches) that have been out of control as well. Could this all be related? Herpes is basically a skin issue right, so if the rest of my body is going to crap from hormones, life, stress etc, couldn't the herpes symptoms get out of control as well? Over the last week or so my stress has calmed considerably, but I just got another outbreak yesterday. So frustrating.


Has anyone else experienced anything like this? If so, any advice on things that might help fix the problem? OH, and I also take one 500mg Valacyclovir tablet daily. Have been for over a year now. :-(

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Has your diet changed radically during this period? Some foods can cause outbreaks, peanuts, chocolate, foods with high levels of arginine. It may be a good idea for a complete physical if you've not had one in a while, could be something else going on. The stress you mentioned can definitely be a major factor too. My mother has had skin issues over the last year also. It flared up around the time my father was put into memory care and again a few months later when he died. Probably stress related. It has settled down since then.


Doubling your antiviral for a day or two may help. If that doesn't help talk to your doctor about changing to another antiviral. Some folks here in the forum have had good results by changing prescriptions.

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If you have HSV2 before you met this new guy, the HSV2-virus protects you from getting HSV1. So I am almost certain that the OBs you are having are still your original infection with HSV2 and not a new infection with HSV1. Hope this helps. If you are unsure go to our doctor and get your sores swapped.

My OBs seems to worsen if my hormones changes. Stress and not enough sleep does affect me too so maybe have a look into that. Hope you're feeling better!

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