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Gay man with equivocal results? Need advice please

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I was told today by my PA that I for sure 100% have HSV-II. My levels are 1.09, which upon inspection of the labs lands me on the higher end of the equivocal scale.


That said, I have not had any new partners in over three years so it's highly doubtful that this is a new infection. In addition, my HSV-I level was an astonishing 45.29. (I know I have had oral herpes since childhood)


Is it possible that such a high HSV-1 score could have interfered with my levels of HSV-II?

Is an equivocal result the same as a positive result?

Is it possible that this could be a false positive?

Should I reschedule more bloodwork to see if my levels go down?


Please advise, I have already spoken to my partner about this and he will be getting tested also, but after doing more research, I feel like I may be jumping to conclusions before I have all the appropriate information.

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Hello @killertofu,


Was this an IgG test or IGM? IGM are generally considered unreliable. IgG test are fairly reliable. 1.09 is very low. Results 3.50 and below have a 40% chance of being false positive if you've never had physical symptoms. If you think its possible you were recently exposed to HSV2 wait until 16 weeks post exposure to test again, that's usually how long it takes for the antibodies to become detectable.

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Thanks for the response @ihaveittoo. The lab was lgG. I don't think it's possible that I was recently exposed, as I have had only one sexual partner in over three years and I'm totally confident that he has not been unfaithful.


I will contact my GP and see if I can get her to request labs in a couple of months, but in the meantime I just want some reassurance that the diagnosis is in the margin between positive and negative, or if this low result could mean that I have passed it onto my partner.

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I would seek out a western blot test. There's information at the Westover Heights Clinic (now closed) web page. I had a low IgG value and ultimately tested positive with the wb test, but like was mentioned, false positives do occur in your range. For me, it was worth the $200+ bucks to be sure.

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