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Have you ever had a outbreak/cold sore without prodrome?

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I'm a 28 y/o male and have had HSV1 since junior year of high school. It started on the upper lip and base of my nose, later inside nostrils (that really sucked). Only once or twice have I had it on my mouth.


I have been taking acyclovir regularly for a few years. It works pretty well, unless I get sick and then, an outbreak/sore occurs. But not usually as severe as the first few years of outbreaks.


I recently grew out my beard for the first time. Which is great because it covers the area where the sores often occur for me. But I realized the other day that there was a red bump under the mustache on my upper lip . At first I thought it was a pimple, as I am now slightly more prone to acne under the beard (although acne is not really a problem for me). But it didnt pop like a regular pimple. And now its sort of a hard yellowish bump, doesn't seem to be getting worse, but not getting better either (this is about 2 or 3 days in). I would assume this is a mild cold sore, or maybe one stifled by the acyclovir (?), but I never had any prodrome symptoms. I always get the prodrome very intensely, so I'm wondering, is it possible that this is a cold sore without having had prodrome?


Also, it hasn't been as red as a cold sore usually is, never formed an open blister, and hasn't scabbed (dark red) like a cold sore.


Am I being paranoid? How to know? I have been a little under the weather the last couple weeks, but not that acutely.


This quandary coincides with a disclosure predicament. I am seeing a guy that I really like for about a month now. We have had a very great sexual relationship so far. I haven't felt the need to disclose anything because I hadn't had any symptoms, and I take the acyclovir so I think the risk of transmission is low. And it's just HSV1 right? I mean more than 50% of the population has had it.

But just today things started to seem more serious between us. And now I have this unidentifiable bump on my lip. Should I wait till it goes away before I see him again? Should I tell him now?


Thanks forum.






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Not sure about the symptoms as I've just had my first outbreak.


As for your last part, I think it would be advisable to let him know. I just got it from someone who did not disclose anything until after the fact. I think said correctly, and with proper information, it isn't as big as it seems.


If you transfer and then tell them after (like in my situation), it is a lot worse. Just my two cents on that from personal experience.

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