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Depression medication and herpes?

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I already posted a long post about my story, but this poat is short and to the point.


I can't continue living my life like this and I need to go on depression medication. I've been prescribed Zoloft, can anyone tell me their experience using depression medication and seeing any negative consequences to their outbreaks? I've heard it can make things worse and I can't handle that but I also can't handle my life right now and I'm wondering if anyone has advice out here.


xx j

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May I ask if your depression came as a part of your struggles with HSV? Or are they unrelated? I study psychology and would never advise anyone to go on depression medication. If you are feeling depressed because of your HSV status I think you should go on suppressive meds to keep the OB's at bay until you are feeling better mentally.

Wish you all the best!

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Hi Tina, I deal mostly with anxiety and did struggle previously to finding out I have jab. Right now I'm on acolyvir 500 mg -3x a day. I also take lysine three times a day. I also take red marine alegea tablets once or twice a day. I'm still having outbreaks near my eye, on my cheeks, on my hands and genitally as well as mouth sores. I'm really scared I'm going to infect my eye. It's hard to just deal with life right now. I keep hoping it gets better and my body learns to fight it off, but I've had back to back outbreaks for three months. It's my second outbreak, my first only lasted a few days. I've been stressed about a lot more he second time around and the realization I have herpes and it wasn't just a pimple caused my anxiety to go through the roof. So that's where I'm at right now. Why would you advise against it?

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I am no doctor and from a medical perspective anti-depressant are effective and can help people a lot. From my perspective I think there are better ways to fight a depression; therapy. Cognitive therapy, psychotherapy etc. There are a lot of side effects (even suicide!) when you take the anti-depressants and it can be really tough to get off them once you've been on them. When it comes to mental health, I think we have to be skeptical when we listen to the medical industry. Remember that its a billion dollar industry..


I'm very sorry to hear that you struggle so much with HSV.. 500x 3 times a day sounds like a reasonable dose that should help you? Have you tried Valtrex? Maybe that would work for you. Seems like the meds you are on now are not really helping you. I think you should contact your doctor and ask for other medication, maybe Valtrex as I mentioned.


Wish you all the best,


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As someone who has had chronic depression my whole life and just recently got herpes 2, I would say be sure to check with the psychiatrist first before going on antidepressants. They are very powerful drugs and should not be fooled with if you're just going through a bad spot of the blues. I am on the antidepressant called Pristiq and it has is saved my life but I truly needed it because I was non-functional, unable to even get out of bed. I would say not to get on antidepressants unless you're completely non-functional but again you really need to see a psychiatrist so that they can properly diagnose you. And if you ever do go on antidepressants and you end up getting off of them later come off them slowly. I am trying to put a positive spin that on paper looks like completely hopeless situation taking the antidepressant really takes the edge off your sex drive, for men, it pretty much makes them impotent. I've only had herpes 2 for a few weeks now so I can't say how the antidepressant has affected it. My outbreak was an itchy rash on my scrotum with no blisters.

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