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Diagnosed with genital HSV1 and experiencing weird thigh pain

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I have been diagnosed with GHSV1 last february.

I noticed I was having my first OB on january the 28th.

I have a couple of questions that docs cannot answer. I'm a bit desperate at the moment, the common ignorance about HSV is actually very frightening.


- My blood tests done in march revealed I was positive for HSV1, with 103 IgG and 0,3 IgM.

I tested negative for HSV2.

No doctor told me if this might be an old or recent infection. Is it impossible to know ?

I had a potentially "risky" sexual encounter a couple of days prior to my first OB (which was very mild). I also had another sexual encounter 4 weeks before my OB, with someone who was HSV1+ but whose last OB on the mouth was 20 years ago. And before that nothing at all for almost a year. I'm losing my mind sometimes.


- Along with very rare tingling feelings on the genital area, I have a really weird leg pain (now it's mostly located in the thighs, below the buttocks, and before that it used to be located in the groin area).

It wasn't there during my first OB, it appeared like 1 month after.

I guess this is my prodrome, because it appears as soon as I'm stressed out or eating the wrong stuff or about to have my period.

But no OB thanks to suppressive therapy. I just had one other very mild OB (2 blisters) 3 weeks ago, but this leg pain/prodrome thing is really bumming me.

I have also been taking Lysine 1000mg a day. Could it be the reason ?

Will it eventually go away ?


- Won't suppressive therapy prevent my immune system from learning how to fight the virus ?


Thanks a lot everyone.

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Hey! I'm no expert but I would say that an igg of 103 it's an old infection. And I'm not too sure about the thigh pain. I have heard St. John's wort works for neuralgia. You may try that! But I don't think the lysine would be causing you this pain. And I too fear that taking daily suppressive therapy will prevent my immune system from fighting the infection. But it seems this is an older infection. Sorry if I wasn't too helpful. Good luck with everything! I sincerely hope you feel better soon!

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Thank you very much for your answer Sweetsoulxo.

I'm glad it might be an old infection because to be honest I'm better off not knowing who gave it to me than having to deal with all the negative feelings of being able to pinpoint someone specific.

I'll look into St John's wort, it seems to be good for managing HSV symptoms :)

Regarding how suppressive therapy might interfere with the body's ability to generate HSV antibodies, I'll ask around because it's a mystery to me. A friend of mine was on suppressive therapy for years then she stopped and immediatly had an outbreak. But it was very mild, and before taking Valtrex she used to have very bad outbreaks all the time. So I don't know.

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