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New Diagnosis & First Outbreak

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I was just diagnosed a week ago with HSV2 and was started on a 7 day course of Valtrex. I just finished it yesterday and my symptoms have immensely improved but are not completely gone. My doc said I could get the prescription for recurrent outbreaks if my symptoms continued, to take a longer course.

Should I be taking the Valtrex until all the symptoms are gone completely? or start taking it again if the symptoms get worse?

Does anyone have any tingling sensation on their butt but no outbreaks? i know it can travel on the nerve endings but i was hoping the outbreak would stay localized.

Any triggers to look out for that cause an outbreak besides stress? I've been doing my best to keep the area clean, dry, and friction free and stress free as possible.



Any advice would be appreciated! Thanks

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Just found out i have hsv2. I went to the doctor because i thought my hemmrhoids had flared up. The difference this time was i developed a split on my rectum ,which made everything painful. Ehrn the doctor examined me, immediately stated, that i was having a possible flare up but the split was not part of it. The split was a herpes lesion. I went into panic mode. She ordered labs and gave me 200mg of acyclovir to take 5 times a day for 10 days. My blood work came back. Im negative for hsv1. My hsv2 level is 23.60. The doctor hasnt called me back. I get my lab results from the labs patient portal after they are released to me.

I have cried so much. I came home and told my bf. I have been with him for 4 years. Oddly, he held me all night and let me cry. What pissed me off is, that he told me ehen he came out from the service in 95 that he took this medicine, but has never had any postive blood work. Now, he has Crohns disease. He gets these anal fistulas and have had surgery 4 times since he and i have been together. When he goes to the hospital they dont test him fir anything becasuse its apart of his Crohns. Im confused and dont know how to feel.

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@kaytea3 I have had herpes for (4) months and I had to continue medicine because my symptoms never subsided. Everybody is different. I have heard it can take some people up to (2) years to build the antibodies to keep the symptoms at bay. You'll just have to experiment with medicines and dosages to find what works best for your body. I tried two different kinds of medicines, acyclovir and Valtrex. Valtrex works better for me.

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I get prodrome symptoms (the tingling you describe) without an outbreak. Or at least a recognizable one (mine are very mild--enough so that I didn't know I had herpes for the first 20 years!). And when I feel that tingling, it's always in a differnt area than where I tend to get out breaks.


Triggers really vary widely. Some people can see a difference with certain foods, others can't. Rough sex can sometimes trigger an outbreak (or not). You'll learn with time and practice and a lot of patience what might be triggers for you.

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