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So relieved with how he took it- but did he know?

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I was diagnosed Monday but the symptoms and sores were pretty obvious. I just came out of a 13 year marriage and finishing the divorce when I started seeing someone. We have been intimate all of 4 times and the last time I had sores only a couple days later. He was out of town during the beggining of my first OB and I didn't want to aay anything until I knew for sure. I was terrified. Once I grieved over the fact that I had it, being a mother and feeling horrible about myself I finally had to talk to him. I asked him if he had slept with anyone else but me, even in between and he said no. He didn't want to sleep with anyone else and he liked what we had. Then I told him ... I had tested positive for HSVS2 and believed unfortunately I may have gotten it from him. But I could have been a carrier all along. He took a breathe than said "okay well it's okay babe, I'll get tested and we will figure it out, it will be okay".... seriously! I'm terrified and in pain and he just completely calmed me in a few seconds. Before he slept with me he was in an abstinent relationship with a catholic girl who was very religious and waiting til marriage. Before that it had been a year or so. I don't know if those girls may have given it to him but it doesn't really matter at this point does it? So now comes the second guessing. Did he know and just not tell me? Or did he truly have no idea and is just that calm about it? He's coming home this weekend and still wants to see me and spend the weekend together. It brings hope but then fear of later rejection. Anyone else have a similar story? Advice?

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I contracted G HSV1 about five years ago never knew until about two years ago when i was pregnant with our first child and my first outbreak because of lowered immune system. I had to come home and tell my husband I was so scared and thinking he would leave me or think i cheated. He was just like whatever its not a big deal and I know he doesn't have it because we got him tested. My point is that I think despite some of the negative stories on this site reasonable adults understand that HSV inst the horrible condition it is made out to be. He was super calm about and hasn't brought it up since. He may just be a normal guy who doesn't get anxiety over something like a skin condition.

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