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Females with post ob issues ( itch, irritation etc) I think I can help

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So after alot of research and talking to a few docs I learned a few things. A woman's vaginal microbiome ( the colony of good bacteria that live in your vagina) can be very delicate and during and post ob it can be even more so. Keeping a healthy PH balance and healthy bacteria during and post can really cut down on some of the issues with our vaginas. I use a PH balanced serum from SASS ( this is a god send !!! Stops itch immediately and is great for your lady parts) and / or boric acid vaginal suppositories to help with itching. PH being off can also cause to yeast infections and bv which can pop after an ob so maintaining it is key. Things like lidocane and cortizone further wreck your PH so try to aviod them if you can. These help keep my vagina PH balanced during the disruptive ob. I also use Mycroess vaginal probiotic vaginal suppositories which are great for giving your microbiome a little support. I can go into further detail here if anyone is intrested but just eating yogurt or taking probiotics wont help here. This really helps me be more comfortable during and after an ob. I use all of this to a lesser extent after sex and during my period to keep my vagina happy and treat minor outbreaks. I also avoid caffeine and alcohol. I hope this helps and I will be happy to answer any questions about the vaginal microbiome or vaginal PH !

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A naturopath once told me about using boric acid for yeast infections and strong probiotics as vaginal suppositories. As someone who has had more than my fair share of yeast infections over the years, I can attest this is a great treatment! Now, if I even feel a hint of something coming on, I use these remedies and can usually nip it in the bud. Antivirals have also helped with the itching in my case, but since my outbreaks had been very closely linked to my monthly cycle, I think there is a lot of crossover--symptom wise--with outbreaks and yeast infections. Glad you're finding solutions that work for you!

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I have a question - what were your post ob ph symtpoms exactly? I've always wondered if some of my mystery symptoms might be in inbalance in relation to the virus since my symptoms last a very long time. I have been tested for yeast on these occasions and the results were negative though and i've never had a serious cottage cheese situation going on (sorry didn't know how else to describe that!)

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Itching, irritation, redness, pain, raw skin. My first doc said there were no post ob symptoms. My second doc said of course there are let's figure out how to treat those symptoms without wrecking your vagina. I don't get sores I just get extreme pain in the are of the intel outbreak. After the pain fades in like two or three days I get all the post ob symptoms.

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@Neewbiehsv1g what is the SASS serum you mentioned? I had an outbreak in the beginning of June and have since healed the opens areas in the perineal/perirectal area but get random itching and burning both close to that site but the opposite side and in my vulvar area that I'm convinced were triggered by the outbreak. I'm usually very careful about my pH balance as I had to delve into that about 7 years ago when I developed what I thought was a never ending yeast infection, which turned out to be vestibulodynia, diagnosed after a ton of doctors and over a year later. Im familiar with boric acid and probably too many other suggested natural remedies and I tried them all back then when I thought it was yeast. Since, I'm very conscious of trying not to set my pH off as yeast infections can cause prolonged pain/itching with my condition. I had been pain and itch free for a long while until this reared its ugly head. I do get to see my specialist for my condition in about a month and hope she can help me with this left over irritation I'm experiencing if it is still there by then

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Sass is a ph serum that you can buy in the UK http://wearesass.com/. I have vulvadoyina and I feel your pain. I am pretty much in a lot of pain on and off not even related to H. OBS can throw off your pH so it may not be the H but the side effects from it. One thing I have learned form my broken vagina ( I gotta laugh or I cry :) is that you cant blame everything that happens down there on H as you well know there are a million other things that can be wrong. Stress and fear of pain can trigger vulva disorders that were in remission. I would try sass but def talk to your doc when you go in. I am actually going to a specialist vulva pain clinic at baylor because while I have rid myself of itching and most pain I have extreme sensitive and intermittent pain at the opening of my urethra. The journey continues and I like sex too much ( that I remeber :) to give up ! HUGS to you you aren't alone !

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@Neewbiehsvg1 thanks for your reply and story and I'm glad you're going to see a specialist! The specialist I see is awesome - she specializes in vulvar pain and chronic vaginitis issues. I'm really hoping she'll have some knowledge on HSV as well and how that can impact things. She's getting older and so she goes on these hiatuses from work for months at a time, she is out until the end of July and that's why I haven't been in to see her up until now. I plan to ask if she has a recommendation of WHO I can see with similar expertise for when she takes another hiatus from work. I have the intermittent itching and irritation and strange hypersensitivity to my clitoris on the right side. All so weird but can all be related to nerve issues I would think. And since this virus impacts nerves cells, it makes sense it could set this all off. I like sex too! And would love to get back to being intimate with my fiancé. It's comforting to know I'm not alone in dealing with both issues!

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