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Constant lower back tingling a week after beginning acyclovir suppressive therapy

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Hi there,


I'm new to this forum. I began taking acyclovir suppressively roughly two weeks ago to reduce the likelihood of transmitting hsv2 (genital) to my partner. After about a week I began to experience a low level burning across my lower back and nerve twitches in my buttock area, this hasn't gone away but I'm not experiencing any prodrome symptoms at the site I normally get outbreaks at. The day it started I had used a sunbed - I know that uv light can trigger re-activation of the virus although I was wearing underwear which covered where I would normally get outbreaks. Can uv light directly on your back re-activate the virus as I know this is where it lives while dormant? Even if you don't get outbreaks on your back?


The symptoms started when I was just about to have my period, I know this can be another trigger. I'm finding it odd that these two things which haven't been a regular trigger for me in the ten years I've had the virus would become an issue when taking acyclovir. Sounds a bit counter intuitive? I'm strongly assuming I'm shedding the virus right now (albeit with no sores present) - should I stop taking it?


Any advice appreciated!

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@Zar Hopefully someone else will pipe in and help you with this. I've seen several people on here say that one medication caused near-constant tingling/zingers similar to prodromal symptoms, and switching to a different antiviral resolved the issue. I'm sure the sensations are rather annoying and nerve-wracking. You're taking the medication to reduce chances of transmission, yet the sensations give you reason to believe the virus may be active and therefore increase the chance of transmission. I'm sorry I'm unable to give you any helpful information. I just wanted to offer some support. I hope things get better for you in the very near future. (((hugs)))

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Thanks @Lollyann76 perhaps I'll try a change in medication. I've not experienced anything like this before taking suppressive therapy, only at the site of an outbreak and always resulting in a full blown outbreak (I only get outbreaks 1-2 times a year). I wondered if the tingling and twitching was a sign the acyclovir was working hard to fight the virus but I've read elsewhere that if you experience prodrome symptoms or nerve pain, you should consider the virus active - so I'd rather not take any risks.

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@Zar I know what you mean, I would be a little concerned about it too. Something to consider is maybe giving the Acyclovir a little more time and see if the symptoms subside...? It's possible the symptoms are only happening because your body is adjusting to the medication. I only took antivirals briefly many years ago, and at that time, I had near constant symptoms *without* it. :) I hope, whichever you choose to do, that it gets better!

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