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Is my doctor right?

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So recently I've been having some urinary problems. I went to the doctor and did a urine sample for stds like gonorrhea and chlamydia he prescribed me with antibodies and it did get a little better, but there was no trace of any bacteria. So then I went to the urologist and they didn't find any bacteria either. I asked about these supplements I was taking and they were Creatine and Whey protein, because it all started when I started taking these. She said she had never heard of that effecting someones urethra or urine. I researched it and Creatine is known to dehydrate you and cause discomfort when urinating. So i stopped taking them and the symptoms got a little better. But they were still there so i went back to the original doctor and got a blood test for all stds including hsv1 and 2. So a week later the doctors office called back and said that i was clear for everything except HSV1. They said that I had it because my results had read .97 which was equivocal but i had it. I had previously had blood work done the past year and was negative. So i asked the girl I'm dating now to get a test too and she came back negative. She's the only person I've been with after the first blood test was done, and there would have been enough time to between my last partner (almost two years) to this partner for antibodies to show up in my system the first time. I think i was masturbating too much when i was taking the creatine and protein and my have hurt my penis but he thinks its because i have antibodies in my blood work. Im just confused because he didn't prescribed anything for it and he left notes for the receptionist to tell me so I'm just confused and i don't want to ignore the doctor but at the same time i don't know if that makes much sense either.

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Hi, @newguy10. Your IgG index value (the number) is not definitively positive or negative. It's in a gray area. Since you only had one partner since your last test and she tested negative, I personally wouldn't lose any sleep over it. The general recommendation I've read is to retest in a few months. It'd be really rare to get two equivocal results back-to-back.


The blood test measures antibodies your own body produces, not the virus itself. Because of the way the test is run, no one ever gets a zero.


Finally, it is possible to get oral HSV1 from kissing or genital HSV1 from receiving oral sex, so if any of that happened from another girl, it'd be all the more reason to retest in a few months. Hope that helps and I hope whatever has been causing you irritation clears up!

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Thank you for your response @HikingGirl I'm just confused because I don't have anything but the urinary pain. I can't find any information on the symptoms of gential hsv1. I just don't wanna ignore the doctor because I feel like he's wrong and give it to someone else. But I will be getting a second opinion from a different when I get my next blood test.

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