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2+ month primary prodome & nerve pain

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I'm losing my f^cking mind so I'll get straight to it.

June 7th- Sex on vacation from hell

June 8th- yeast infection symptoms (itchy w/discharge & odor)

June 9th- return home w/mild UTI pain.

June 26th- walk-in clinic. Prescribed macrobid for suspected UTI & Diflucan for suspected yeast infection. Clinic called a few days later with results from urinalysis: negative for bacteria/positive for yeast.

July 3rd- I have no idea what's happening to my body. Meds didn't work! Guy I slept with revealed that he had been treated for mycoplasma genitalium about a week prior to our encounter.

July somethingish- call a bunch of clinics asking for info about mycoplasma & none of them were familiar with it. Called my county health department and made first available appointment.

July 20th- Go to see doctor. Performs urine dip stick test and orders full STI panel and urinalysis. Lab runs all test EXCEPT HSV1/2 and urinalysis.

July 27th- Go back for results. Negative for everything...but still need HSV1/2 and urinalysis. Dr. prescribes azithromycin anyways.

August 4th- Aching in left leg starts. I call my dr. for referral to gynecologist.

August 7th- gyno appointment. Left leg in so much pain that I can't get it into stirrup. Urethra on fire. Entire groin area throbbing. She doesn't check for any lesions. Takes a cervical swab and says it sounds like herpetic fever. Orders HSV1/2 blood panel and urinalysis. Says that upon brief inspection I have bacterial vaginosis. Prescribes flagyl & bactrim.

August 8/9?- frantically call gyno. Nurse practitioner says, "you have herpes. Dr. called in a script." I asked which kind and she said, "both." I asked if this was a breakout and she said, "no" !!!!! WTF?!

The pharmacy couldn't fill my acyclovir until the next day and here I am, having taken the 400mg 3 x day with no nerve relief! AND STILL NO VISIBLE LESIONS! Where the hell are they?! When will my urethra stop burning? When does the leg pain stop? It feels like pins are being driven into my toes.

I found out they ran igm/titer tests. I received no numbers. Can barely understand the results.


Is this normal?! Probably, right? Because no one seems to know anything definitive about herpes!

I'm tired from not being able to sleep. I can't find any position that alleviates the leg pain. The UTI symptoms are erratic. My lower abdomen hurts. I can't find answers. If the antiviral isn't working- what am I supposed to do? The pain is becoming too much. I'm feeling hopeless now.

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I get my results sent electronically and literally a few minutes after posting my igg results came back positive for HSV 1 and HSV 2 with the annotation: Positive Indicates that IgG antibodies to

                            HSV 1 and 2 were detected. This

                            assay does not differentiate

                            between HSV 1 and 2.

(I cut and pasted. Sorry for wacky format)

Both HSV igm tests came back negative. So, I guess this means I have an established infection and that I'm finally experiencing the joy of it all.


I don't know why they didn't explain the igg results numerically like I see when I google it.


Is Western Blot worth it?

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I'm new at this and still waiting for igg results it seems to me from what I have read that your providers know very little about it . My doctor told me it doesn't matter which kind I had cuz I still had herpes and I was like well I would like to know the kind and I went back for a blood type specific ( since I have no lesions, well I do but she doesn't think that's herpes) I mean as you can see medical provider sometimes don't know much about herpes .

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@Jessieandjuice I don't blame you for being frustrated. I don't know if test results are typically abbreviated when sent electronically, so it might be worth a call to the doctor's office to ask if the index values were listed for each type on the original report. A western blot is most helpful when you have an index value between 1.1 and 3.5 (low enough to potentially be a false positive). Otherwise, it's probably easier and cheaper to do another IgG elsewhere. I did my western blot through Terri Warren as part of a research study and paid about $250. I have no idea what's typical.


If you're frustrated by the lack of knowledge about herpes with most healthcare providers--your experience in that regard is not uncommon--maybe either a video chat or text/forum chat with Terri Warren would be helpful? More info is available at www.westoverheights.com. The clinic is closed because she retired from full-time practice, but Terri still does some consults online. There are fees, but there may be value in speaking to a nurse practitioner that ran an STD clinic for 30 years, specialized in herpes and researches herpes. I'm guessing she'd want to know the index values of your test results. She can also order the western blot for you if you need help getting it. Another poster on this forum said he just ordered a kit directly from the University of Washington. At the time I had mine done, there was no kit and the instructions were confusing as hell.



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