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Is it possible I got herpes this way?

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I would like to start out by saying I have been diagnosed with cold sores but that's it so far and that was last year and since then I've also been taking daily valtrex. For starters I've been in a faithful relationship for the past almost 2 years. My partner and I lost our virginities to eachother including oral sex . So we've only had eachother exclusively for both of our sexual experiences. So I know for certain that I could not have contracted this sexually from any one else. But several weeks ago I had very strange symptoms in my genital region such as vaginal discharge itching frequent and urgent urination and I had two lumps under the skin of my vagina (near labia minora) they were under the skin and they were about the size of a pea. They weren't that painful, only initially but they went away within about a week. And they were flesh colored and you wouldn't even know they were there unless you searched for them really. They were firm

And under the skin. I also had swollen lymph nodes on the left side of my groin but It may have been due to the fact that not only did I have the lumps on my left side but I Also had a painful anal abscess on the left side of the bottom of my buttcheek near my vagina. The only reason I suspect herpes is because of the swollen lymph nodes but it could still be something else? However I only started experiencing these symptoms after I had used the public restrooms at the clinic I started working at. I went to use the toilets because I had urgent urination and couldn't hold my bladder and I didn't sit on the toilet I sort of squatted but I got backsplash from the toiletseat and it might have hit my vagina. With that said is it possible I contracted herpes this way? Thank you

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Also one time I did touch the handle of a public toilet and proceeded to pull my pants down to use it. I didn't touch my vagina directly (I didn't wipe my vagina after wards or touch it) I sort of just pulled my pants back up after using it. Could that have also been a possible exposure and I remember a girl did use it before me.

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No, it's not possible to acquire herpes in those ways. Seeing your doctor is the best way to figure out what's going on.



Does it sound like a herpes issue from what was described? I have a doctors appointment in two days but also my symptoms were like over two weeks ago so I can only really describe them to my doctor anyways. Does it sound like herpes?

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I can't tell you that, I'm sorry. I know you're looking for answers, but the reality is that herpes symptoms really vary from person to person. Further, there are a ton of things that can present symptoms similar to herpes and what you described could be many things, or nothing at all. What your doctor can do, that no one on here can, is swab any current lesions and do an IgG blood test to tell you for sure.

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Yes thank you, I just wanted some peace of mind. But my symptoms are gone and so nothing can be swabbed at this time and I've heard that because I'm already taking daily baltrex for cold sores I could get a false negative if I get blood tested. This whole situation sucks but thank you for responding

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For what it's worth, since you have an established HSV-1 infection orally, it's very unlikely to get the same strain genitally (and that's assuming your partner even had HSV1 orally). Conceptually, it's possible, just very unlikely. If you and your partner have never had any kind of sexual contact with anyone else, then I fail to see any reason you would have concern for HSV2.

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It's mainly the toilet seat situation that concerns me. I'm aware that people say it's unlikely to catch it from there but my symptoms are related to those of herpes. It sucks because when I got diagnosed with cold sores I made it a point to wash my hands excessively and I was and still am very careful and I've kind of become a germaphone with OCD due to the paranoia of possibly contracting it genitally so I feel like this is such a terrible situation. Of course there's always a possibility that it's not herpes but I've spent this whole year and several months trying to prevent genital herpes from happening because my boyfriend already accepted me with having cold sores so any hint of bump or lump or uncomfortable feeling I get down there freaks me out. I'm just really scared.

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The good news is that you have every reason to not be scared anymore! There is not a chance in hell you are you going to get herpes from a toilet seat. ZERO chance.


Once you have an established infection, you're not going to spread HSV1 from your mouth to your genitals unless you rub an open oozing sore and immediately start rubbing your genitals. Even then, transmission is not a given because your body has been making antibodies for years and you're on Valtrex to boot. I have HSV1 and HSV2 and had both for a good 20 years before I ever learned I had it. That's 20 years of touching myself and I never spread it elsewhere!


The one thing you do need to be aware of is that it is possible to give your boyfriend genital HSV1 by giving him oral sex or oral HSV1 through kissing. Even then, it's a verylow risk because you're on antivirals and oral HSV1 does not shed often.

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Yes thank you so much, and I told him the risk involved with giving oral and having cold sores when I was first diagnosed a year ago and he said he didn't care, but I just fear if I have both that it'll be too much. I thank you for your reassurance . It really helped a lot. I just don't know why I have these symptoms. I'm very careful because I'm scared of transmitting it. I hardly touch myself down there only to wash of course but I just don't understand what's going on with me right now I think what got me was the fact that my lymph nodee was swollen. But I don't know where I could've gotten it from if I do indeed have it especially if a toilet is not an option. I know my boyfriend has been loyal and faithful so I know it's not him and he's never had a partner besides me. I'm not sure if he has hsv1 orally though

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