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IgM 12.8 for HSV 2... I'm so scared...No symptoms

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Good morning all. I just found out my IgM value was 12.8. I haven't received any news about my IgG index yet. I'm so scared. I'm confused. I'm angry. How can I know how long I've had it? I've been tested for STDs before but didn't know I had to request testing for herpes. I don't know if I had an anxiety attack or if I was experiencing symptoms of an outbreak. I couldn't sleep. I had cold chills and thought well what if this is that tingling sensation I read about. I've had a cough for a few months now, but so does everyone around me. I currently have vaginal itching and anal itching but I just shaved a couple weeks ago so I don't know if it's just my hair growing back (sorry for the honesty there).


This news is shocking because I've never had any symptoms of what herpes actually looks like. I do have hidradenitis suppurativa (20 years) but this looks nothing like the herpes outbreaks I've seen. With the hidradenitis I get these huge painful cysts on my groin, close to my panty line and I have inclusion cysts under the skin of my vaginal lips that itch infrequently. They look like nodules. So I honestly can't tell if this is new and I'm having an outbreak or if I've always had it and just now having symptoms or I've had this for a long time and these are my symptoms. I read that symptoms of an outbreak can vary and can mimic a yeast infection... I've had vaginal itching before and anal itching before but never accompanied by lesions or blisters and any cysts I get don't look like herpes. I have no idea what to do.


I have a billion questions. If my Igm index is 12.8 did I just contract the virus or has it been there for years and I never knew bc the symptoms aren't what I expect and I've never been tested before. If this is new and I'm in the middle of having an outbreak when should these blisters show up? Where will they show up? Can I have had this forever and not have any blisters or lesions at all? What's the purpose of the Igg? What is that supposed to tell me?


My husband uses Abreva for cold sores he doesn't get them often but if he does have oral herpes can I get genital herpes from him if he performs oral sex on me? I'm afraid to tell him bc what if he doesn't test positive and its just me! Then he'll think that I've been unfaithful. I just want wake up from this nightmare and everything will be back to normal. Please help me.


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