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I need moral support...

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I found out I got HSV2 almost a year ago, from my lying, absusive kids father. Well I also have HSV2 on my mouth, which is horrifying for me. I have only had a break out on my mouth once, the first time, so I have not had to think about it. But it just happened. And I'm severely depressed. I truly believe no one will ever want to kiss me let alone be with me, because hsv2 on your mouth is so much different (stigma) than hsv1. I feel like I'm gonna be alone for the rest of my life :'( who would want to be with someone who has genital herpes both down there AND their mouth.. they can't even kiss me without worrying about getting it... :'(

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Hi, @Lighthouse11. Have you seen this handout? https://herpesopportunity.com/downloads/herpes-opportunity-disclosure-handout.pdf


Oral HSV2 has the lowest shedding rate of any type or location of HSV. Consider that the majority of adults have oral HSV1 (only 1/3 of those ever having a cold sore) and yet disclosure of oral HSV1 is almost unheard of unless someone gets frequent cold sores.


I tested positive for HSV1 and HSV2. I've never had a cold sore and my genital outbreaks are too mild to do a swab test, so I'm left to assume I have oral HSV1 and genital HSV2 since that's statistically the most likely scenario. I don't plan to disclose oral HSV1 before kissing someone in the future--that risk is out there and unavoidable. I sure as hell am not giving up kissing, either! :) (Transmission also isn't a given--my ex husband of 15 years tested negative for both strains when I was diagnosed after our divorce.)


The feelings you're having are pretty normal. What's also normal is that plenty of folks have HSV (of either or both types) and are still having sex. :) Stick around and read the forums.....so many encouraging and positive stories here!

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