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I just found out today that I have genital herpes. The outbreak is unreal. I was able to soothe it using various resources from online articles. Is the first out break always the worst? I know this sounds painful, but I found that hydrogen peroxide on the sores strings initially, but soothes it soon after application. The sores have spread to my butt, pooping is awful. AWFUL. My doctor prescribed me Valtrex, I’ve only taken one so far so I can’t say too much about it. I’ve read that L-lysine helps, so I took 1000mg of that, again too soon to see any results. I’ve been taking ibuprofen to help with the stinging, it doesn’t take it away completely, but it does help. I’ve found that drinking plenty of water reducing the stinging when I pee. Also helps to hold your lips open while you pee. I soaked in a warm bath and washed my vagina and anus with a mild soap, the bath really helped. Does anyone have any other remedies? Also if you have taken Valtrex or L-lysine does it work? How long until the sores go away?



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Hey, i know this is a late response...i would guard against using hydrogen peroxide. It cleans but also destroys skin cells. Try witch hazel antiSeptic instead. It sanitizes and soothes and moisturizes. I use the feminine ph balance wipes you can get at most stores, put a touch of the witch hazel on the wipe and leave it for a few minutes after using the bathroom. I just had my first outbreak and it was hell, i would not wish that upon anyone. Valtrex works, it takes about 24 hours to notice a change, but it’s sweet relief when it does! It took my sores about 2 weeks to go away. But it could be up to 4. I’m not symptomatic anymore but i am dealing with going #2 still being painful as i developed hemmorids do to the sores. I hope you’re doing better by now! -Ruggette

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The pain from my first outbreak was also unreal. The pain from the lesions were so severe I almost passed out in the shower and could barely walk afterwards.


I hear the first outbreak is the worst which I'm kind of counting on. Wearing loose clothes helps a little I guess.


Best of luck to you.

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