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Everything happens for a reason

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Hello everyone, I been lurking on this site for about 7 months since my diagnosis, my story is a little long but I'm going to make it as short as possible, I'm a 22 year old single female , So when 2017 started I started to live my life different I was losing weight doing really good in school eating better pretty working on my self as a whole even kicked the year off w. A nice little vacation. I wasent seeing anyone but my ex I been off and on w for 4 years, we had sex in the very beginning in January then I had not seen him for months again till the very beginning of April..


Little back drop on me, I was always safe and always used condoms w all my partners especially a new partner even w my ex


Little history of my ex , he was a lying cheating scumbag but I just still had sex w him anyway , to me that's what it was all about.. so I'm here living life having fun doing 21 year old things I was happy to finally be doing like clubbing drinking hookah and etc , so we had sex in early April and about 2-3 days later I got a pain in my vagina and first thought was I was getting a yeast infection had plenty of them in the past this is nothing new , went to the doctor and she said it look like a bacterial infection and prescribed me antibiotics so I go home and started taking them like nothing then the pain wasent going away over the next two days so I go back and the first day I did go I got my blood drawn for stds when I came back I saw a different doctor she told me I have to take a couple days for the medicine to work and I said I really thinks it's yeast , so she pulled up my lab results and started going through the list hiv negative gonorea claumydia negative syphillis negative , then.... she said did y'all talk about herpes ? And I yelled NOO why??? Then she said you have it and I said which one because I believe I had a cold sore before yhen she said both


Immediately I went into shock like my soul left my body, I cried in front of her she consoled me she was a really nice doctor she told me I'll tel you a little secret and she said she had it to she don't even know which one she has down there I told her she was lying just trying to make me feel better then when she told me her story it was believable, so she prescribe the valtrex then she said a igm test will tell if it's recent or old so me not knowing about this stuff I go home and wait for the ohm test the following Monday and go back to find out the igm for 2 was positive and negative for 1 both positive for igg, didn't know anything about antibodies taking time to build , so I called my ex cursing him out and crying and yelling tell him what he did to me , and to be clear I got the full on outbreak sore throats flu like symptoms the ooozing lesions that scab over couldn't walk for 2 weeks , my ex wasent supportive at all , but he said he will go get tested so about a week later he calls and send me his test results NEGATIVE for BOTH!!!! I couldn't believe it especially coming from a dog like him . My last different partner was in the middle of December w a condom of course so it talk 4 months if it was him for the outbreaks to happen, I can do nothing but blame myself cause I was careful but not enough , I always thought herpes was spread I'd only a lesion was present or through semen like if you have unprotected sex I didn't know anything about asymptomayic shedding I have about 5 partners in 2016 2 of the new and 3 of them old and 1 out of 1 of them was a 1 time thing , I was suicidal back then but now I'm past that, I just feel like it's a mystery that will never be solved , sometimes I believe god let this happen for me to change my ways but I will never truly know who gave it to me because most of y'all either get the outbreaks within the incubation period or was tested for it at some point in time , I get tested every year for hiv and stds and didn't know I was never tested for herpes

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Because I got the flu like symptoms the worse one it kind of makes me think I caught it recently at least in the past year


But I just wish somebody would have told me you can get herpes with a condom and no symptoms, wish I had more education on it , but I'm a strong believer in everything happens for a reason so I'm pretty much over my past now, everything could be much worse we could Of got HIV .


But yes biancak did u get the outbreak months/ years after you could have possibly caught it ?

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If it makes you feel any better, the only way to not get it is by not having sex at all. It’s a risk we all take whether it’s with loved ones or a hook-up. Ultimately YOU control how you let this SKIN CONDITION run your life. To put things into perspective, I saw a highly autistic young boy at the local grocery store. He will probably never be able to enjoy life as we do. This is an irritant skin condition that can be managed with a proper lifestyle. No bigs. I was recently diagnosed... we got this.

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